Meet A Mate Week on June, 2023: Did anyone get married within a week of meeting their ideal mate?

Meet A Mate Week 2023.

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Did anyone get married within a week of meeting their ideal mate?

i met my hubby january 30, 1997 and we got married febuary 7, 1997 8 days after we met, we have been together since, while most of our friends dated for yrs and are now divorced, we grew into our marriage, and are much in love still, so i do believe in love at first site, and it can work even if you meet and marry in a day .

i need to meet some girls?

i need to meet some girls?

When it comes to meeting and attracting more women many times the simplest of answers are actually the best answers as well.

For instance, perhaps the two simplest ways to meet and attract women are so obvious and easy that rarely do you see anyone suggesting them as advice.

So what are they?

Well the first one is to actually go out way more often than you currently do and by going out I don’t mean going to the bars and clubs more.

What I mean is going out and creating the kind of fulfilling life that you imagine you would want if you could do anything that you want.

Of course, the second one is to actually go up and start approaching more women and allowing them the opportunity to “reject” you.

Believe it or not, when you start opening your real self up in a way where the only choices you are giving women is to either take it or leave it you might become pleasantly surprised at the amount of women who will chose to take it rather than leave it.

So, what is preventing you from taking these two steps?

More often than not the only thing preventing you from taking these steps is the habit of not doing them which means that your mind being the seeker of predictability would much rather that you continue wishing and hoping to meet and attract women rather than take a chance and risk venturing into the unknown.

What makes it even more of a challenge is that when you first start interacting with women in a way where you put yourself out on the line it isn’t always going to go smooth in fact you can expect to be rejected a few times before you start getting into the flow of attracting women and even then rejection will still occur it just wont hurt as much.

Bottom line; if you truly want to meet and attract more women that you currently are you are going to have to put yourself out there despite the fact that your mind might be coming up with a whole lot or even just a few reasons why you shouldn’t.

Once, you conquer your minds desire to continue doing the “same old same old” you will be amazed at how soon meeting and attracting women will become just that except in a good and empowering way.

is this a date or mates meeting up so nervous?

is this a date or mates meeting up so nervous?

Ok first off I think that you are meeting up as mates to begin with because you haven't met in person for 10 years. But as she is saying the false hubby thing then I think there is some scope of making your second meet up an actual date. I think she likes you, but definately best to meet up as friends first just so you can catch up and all.

And as for being nervous about meeting up with her, it's perfectly natural. I bet secretly she is quite nervous as well but is not showing that to you, just as you are nervous but are not letting her know that. And the biggest pointer I could give you for when you meet up is wear clothes which you feel comfortable in. This may sound ridiculous but if you are comfortable then conversion will flow easier. And think positive. If you think positive then it will go positively. Best of luck and please answer mine, it's on a similar issue:

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