Fish Are Friends, Not Food! Week on June, 2024: Can Goldfish be fed beta fish food?

Fish Are Friends, Not Food! Week 2024. What is the strangest or most random thing that makes you laugh week fish friends food

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Can Goldfish be fed beta fish food?

I wouldn't, it will be fine without food for a day, fish can go for a week without food and still be healthy and can sometimes live without food for a month or more, but that's not very healthy.

when they ship fish they don't feed them the day before they ship them and however long they're shipped for or else they'd dirty up the water a lot with fish poop.

so really, no worries. it will be fine for a day without food.

Pellet fish food?

Pellet fish food?

Food that rots will decompose and raise your nitrates/nitrites/ammonia, these factors are the main causes that kill your fish. So if the waste keeps building up, likely some fish will sucuumb to death. Would best to moderate the ammount of food more, and siphion any leftover rotten food.


How much food do gold fish really need?

How much food do gold fish really need?

Goldfish (and other fish) need a lot less food than you think.

If your friend really thinks one goldfish needs a big handful of food every day, the last thing I would do is let this guy take care of my fish. The fish would not survive this.

Overfeeding is the most common cause of death of pet fish. The fish can't eat all the food, and the remainder rots and pollutes the water, which poisons the fish.

A small pinch of food per day is enough for the average goldfish. Never feed more than the fish will eat completely in three minutes.

When you go away, lock your door and don't give your friend a key. If you are not gone for more than two or three weeks, the fish will be fine when you get back. Fish don't need to eat every day, and even a week or two without food is something they barely notice.

As far as I know, fish food will not hurt humans if they eat it, but then, there aren't too many people living on fish food, so there's not much data to go on there.

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