National Business Etiquette Week on June, 2024: Is it just me? Public Bathroom Rules!?

National Business Etiquette Week 2024. NATIONAL BUSINESS ETIQUETTE WEEK, JUNE 2 – 8, 2013 Knowledge of business protocol

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Is it just me??? Public Bathroom Rules!?

1. Yes. Never pick the stall next to the one someone is using. Go to the one 8 or 9 down. They may be having to do something private and need the privacy. Always respect others privacy.

2. Yes. Why would you want to smell what someone else just finished doing if there are other open stalls...that is tacky, tacky, tacky!!!

3. An absolute must. And don't wonder why I glare at you if you walk out of the bathroom without washing your nasty hands!!!

4. I think Cell Phone use inside the bathroom stall should be an automatic etiquette ban when they come out with etiquette rules for Cell Phones. It's gross and totally lacking of manners towards the person you are speaking to.

5. Another rule for that Cell Phone etiquette rule book. People seem to have no manners. If you aren't using the hand dryer ~ move away from the hand does not give you more bars on your Cell Phone. Personally, if you wouldn't move I would just wipe my hands on YOUR clothes.

6. You saved the best for last.....if people only knew what nasty and dirty germs lurked on their fingers and hands and under their nails and then they spread them on their face and hair and onto their make-up products and applicators...come on girls....get a life!!!

7. Look to see if there is toliet paper before you use the stall. Do not use a toliet stall and then start yelling for someone to give you toliet paper. It is your responsibility to check for these things BEFORE you do your business.

8. Those hooks on the back of the door are for you to hang your belongings. I recently read that the bottom of a woman's purse has more germs than a toliet seat. Use the hooks ladies.

Peace & Love :)

wedding planning show/class?

wedding planning show/class?

Let's start from the most simple. You website is too busy.

Very first: Get rid of the font you used for headlines. Please switch to Helvetica, Arial, or Century Gothic for any important headlines, any big text. If you do that ONE thing you are on your way.

Take out the line: Please excuse my mess..... Take it out NOW. That entire paragraph is too wordy. The picture is lovely. On the right of the picture you could have something very simple: Making your Dream DAY a reality.

That means take 'making your dream dress a reality' off. besides you're more than dresses so...why emphasize a dress only?

That entire paragraph about how you are different from others, TAKE IT OUT. Instead the line "so how am i...." should be 'click to see what Bridal Bliss can do for you. YOU DON'T NEED ANYTHING ELSE. ALL THAT STUFF UNDERNEATH TAKE IT OFF. ESP THAT MAGIC EIGHTBALL!!!!

That's just the front page. Your whole website needs to be slimmed and trimmed.

You can advertise in your local newspaper. Also you can make cheapo fliers and ask other businesses like nail salons and hair salons if you can leave them near the register. Not full page ones but slim ones so you can print about three or four on a page and save money. You can make announcements at your church, tell your friends, leave fliers in windowshields...everything. Craigslist in the community section, radio ads. I would also work with local hair salons and nail studios to be hosts for the wedding as well in addition to other vendors. I think once youhave all vendors finalized you hold a meeting to hear any ideas other vendors from the group may have (especially since it's not some national thing) then based upon suggestions they give you can start making SOLID plans. I'd advertise at least two weeks before. That's enough time that people will know but won't forget.

I think you should take some more time to plan this just so it's really polished. But trimming your website can help LOADS because that is way too much clutter. I would not hire you because I feel you would not be organized and you would have my wedding as cluttered as your page. Not a good feeling.

Advertise it as a Local Bridal Show. Please, please do NOT clutter your adverts. Please.

Lastly for your OWN personal advertising beyond this show you can put ads in the newspapers closer to the wedding season (summer). No Clutter. No Mess. I'd put a picture of a bride, the name of your company and the tagline 'making your dream day a reality' and something like 'a bridal consultant like no other'. your address, phone number and website. DONE.

And by working with hair/nails/other vendors once you start building clientele then you have ppl who you can work with for major discounts in the future.

I'd love to help you trim your website but any more info and you'll have to hire me.

hustle baby. sorry if i was being harsh, which i really don't think i was, but as a woman in business myself i've learned you gotta get to the point when it comes to doing the biz. you have the chance to really fly with your business. take a look at some other establish bridal consultant websites and see how they approach the business. if you're taking points from ppl whose site looks like yours then we need you to get a business makeover. it's okay!! but give your clients a polished version of you at ALL TIMES.

Americans! Would you accept to work for a Muslim employer under these terms?

Americans! Would you accept to work for a Muslim employer under these terms?

I see you removed the prohibition on smoking...wise move.

That said, I would consider employment with your business under those terms, if I lived in Texas.

I especially like how you give us Fridays off. Nice touch.

Also on this date Saturday, June 1, 2024...
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