National Body Piercing Week on June, 2024: Swim team with my ears pierced?

National Body Piercing Week 2024. Calls to regulate body piercings trade Calls to regulate body

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Swim team with my ears pierced?

National Interscholastic Rules (the national rules for ALL HS sports) prohibit body piercings on competitors ... NONE. Pierced ears are sometimes not noticed. However, if you have your piercings in and the meet referee sees you have them and competed, the ref may DQ you.

Belly piercing healing help?

Belly piercing healing help?

Well, 1. They have ones that are hardly noticeable 2. Look at #1 or put a bandaide over it 3. It will take a long time to heal so if you are going swimming where one of those big waterproof band aides on it and say you ran into a table and cut ur stomach or something. I think you should get it peirced soon if your going swimming. And your parents will need to except it because you are legally an adult and its your body. Good luck

I would like to get my lip pierced, but I have a few questions...?

I would like to get my lip pierced, but I have a few questions...?

1. The adrenaline you get from any piercing makes it hurt less than it would without it. It hurts way less than cartilage piercings and the healing time is far less. I don't have a lip ring but I have a monroe and I would place the pain at 3 or so. Expect some throbbing after you get it done. For me it felt tender, like as if I had bit my lip and it was healing.

2. I have no idea in Texas. I got mine when I was 19 so I didn't have to worry about it. I'm sure you could call a local place or google it to find out.

3. NO! You need to go to a piercing studio/parlor. Check them out first and make sure everything is clean and sterile.

4. I did not have my lip numbed and honestly you dont need it. A quick pinch and it's over. If you really want it then you can most definitely deal with the small amount of pain.

5. Mine was 55-60 I think.

6.. Salt water soaks and a diluted mouth wash. That's really all you need. Don't play with it and it will heal faster. Oral piercings are quick to heal.

7. Haha you need to leave it in for like 4-6 weeks I think before you can change it. You can't get it pierced and take it out the next day for school. It is going to swell a bit and may even bruise. You should read up about all of this before you get anything done to your body. And please dont do anything stupid.

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