National Scrapbooking Day 2021 is on Monday, May 3, 2021: Basics of Scrapbooking Pls help~~?

Monday, May 3, 2021 is National Scrapbooking Day 2021.

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Basics of Scrapbooking.. Pls help~~?

Well the first question you have to ask is do you want to do paper scrapping, digital on the computer or a combo of both. There are resources everywhere for both! Paper scrapping you need to be sure your using archival safe items so they won't turn your photos yellow or destoy them over time. Card stock which is heaver paper than say construction paper but is acid and lignon free. It's the acid and lignon chemicals that do damage to your photos over time. If you have seen yellowing photos thats what happens.

You can find supplies in stores like Michaels, WalMart or a local scrapbook store or LSS. Basic tools to begin - paper, of adhesive, making sure again it's acid free. I would not recommend using glue sticks as they tend to curl the pages. A TAPE RUNNER or PHOTO SQUARES are good choices. A 12in paper cutter- Fiscars makes a nice small portable one that is easy to use. PENS- archival safe of course. Those are the basic supplies. Oh and of course an album with page protectors is a must to hold all your lovely pages in.

Once you gather all your supplies you can plan your page. There are TONS and TONS of sites with ideas,as well as magazines, ads, anywhere...plan you page, and go for it! ALWAYS ALWAYS make a copy of a photo before cutting it up..that way you will always have an original, just in case you oopsie! The trend yrs ago was to cut pics in all these cool shapes but people are getting away from that now beciase you loose some of the story when you hack up a photo. You might cut out the ugly green and orange chair that was a sign of the time way back when.

Digfital scrapping is another option. Several advantages to it here:

You dont have to worry about all the scraps of this paper and tha can be used over and can color them to match your mess to clean! In the long run and scheme of things its cheaper. You would need a program to create your pages in. There are several out there. Paint Shop Pro, Photo Shop, FotoFushion which I use...easy to learn too! Digital kits can be printed , cut out and used like paper supplies.. Endless possibilities.

Check out websites for freebies to help get you started. This is a good weekend to do that too. It's NSD- National Scrapbooking Day Sat. Lot of freebies and prizes to be had all over. We're giving a huge kit give away at Theme is Girlfriends. Come and check us out if you like!

Did you know that December 5th is National Bathtub Party Day?

Did you know that December 5th is National Bathtub Party Day?

me!!! i love yellow rubber duckies!!

How do I report fraud use in a yahoo group?

How do I report fraud use in a yahoo group?

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