Lumpy Rug Day 2021 is on Monday, May 3, 2021: has anyone read the story beauty sleep by cameron dokey?

Monday, May 3, 2021 is Lumpy Rug Day 2021.

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Lumpy Rug Day

Among the less well-known days celebrated is Lumpy Rug Day, where we dedicate time for you to appreciating our area rugs: no rug should ever become lumpy or ragged, and thus each year individuals are urged to smooth their area rugs out and luxuriate in the good thing about a wonderfully flat rug.Think about Lumpy Rug Day like a call to arms, for a moment – it's a day where we ought to deal with the kinks and bumps within the mats which embellish the flooring in our houses, with the hope that a minumum of one day annually we'll all see area rugs within their true beauty. If you want to celebrate you may consider purchasing a brandname spanking new rug, washing your old one, or simply showing a little of affection and affection for that woven material you trample over every day.

has anyone read the story beauty sleep?? by cameron dokey?

What about this review!

For years the king and queen had despaired of ever having a child so when Aurore arrived, the whole kingdom rejoiced. Well, almost everyone. There was one forgotten, embittered woman who resided at court who seized the opportunity to curse the sleeping baby and then disappeared. Aurore grew up with the curse overshadowing all of her days.

Her parents were determined to protect her and so limited her activities to those that did not involve any sharp, pointed objects. Forbidden princesslike tasks of embroidery and sewing, her parents tried to interest Aurore in painting and weaving, both of which Aurore hated. But she hated her cousin, Oswald, nicknamed Charming, because he wasn't, even more. Until Oswald persuaded her parents to let her roam outside, then she loved him.

Aurore was content to live her life the way that she grew up, carefully avoiding anything that would trigger the curse, but the backlash of magic that her avoidance cost her kingdom was too high. Aurore knew that her only chance was to run away to La Foret, the forbidden forest and hopefully take the magic with her. Unbeknownst to Aurore, however, was the fact that time moves quite differently in the forest. So when she meets a handsome stranger, nicknamed Ironheart, who has come to the forest to rescue a fair princess, she knows that he cannot be talking about her, can he?

This was an absolutely charming retelling of Sleeping Beauty that should delight young adult readers and adults everywhere. Aurore was a great character - headstrong, but she loved her parents so much and tried so hard to be what they wanted. I loved the description of her art and her lumpy rugs! The author has so many little touches that she adds throughout the story to make the characters come alive and to breathe new life into the old fairy tale classic. The ending is a big surprise and there are a lot of plot twists along the way, but, although difficult to accept at first, I find that I really enjoyed the author's creativity and unique adaptation of this fairy tale. I look forward to reading more by her!


Good luck

how to get rid of vomiting smell?

how to get rid of vomiting smell?


as you have already washed it which was prob in hot or warm water that part is too late

Never wash in hot or warm water as vomit has proteins/enzymes in it so possibly the smell is still tiny organic particles causing the smell

Googled it didn't find any thing really in particular the best stain removal person is an Australian lady called Shannon Lush She has many books on removing anything and everything using household things. Her fist book is called Spotless and then she has a second one and now there is a few others now and one about organisation

Anyway try

Vinegar then putting into the sun hard with winter but,could help or sprinkle with bi-card of Soda Leave then vacuum it up (I do this on my carpets add some lavender oil to some bi-card of soda it goes a bit lumpy but break lumps with spoon (don"t get oil on your fingers as you or the baby might get an re-action - I do) but ok on carpet just when adding don't come with a dropper sometimes the little ones from health shops do I thnk.

Tea tree is a natural disinfectant dilute in a spray bottle with water an spray if above does not work (swear by tea tree oil great stuff- don't buy the cheap stuff if you read it has been diluted but also in the supermarket there is Thursday Island brand tea tree dearer but heaps better)

Hope it helps

Check out Shannon's website as there are tons of stain removal hints using every day household items to get rid of stains sent a link about her and one of her books

am i about to get my first period?

am i about to get my first period?

Sounds like it. Usually what you are saying happens mid-cycle, but you may get it any day now or later until you figure out your cycle. (when you Ovulate you get lots of discharge) Bodies work in very different ways. What we say is "usually", can be something completely different to another woman.

A for-sure deal that you are about to start, it may sound kind of yucky, is that your discharge may start to decrease to very little, and when you do examine it, it will feel a bit dry and be lumpy - a bit like cottage cheese, just not to that extreme.

Just incase get some protection. Try pads first, that way you don't irritate yourself down there with a tampon. Let your body feel itself empty first (yuck, i know), but you can get "rug-burn" as they say, for sticking a tampon up there too soon.

Good luck!

Also on this date May 3, 2021...