Join Hands Day 2021 is on Monday, May 3, 2021: Teenager with shaking hands?

Monday, May 3, 2021 is Join Hands Day 2021. Join Hands Day Join Hands Day 2014

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Join Hands Day

While you may assume that Join Hands Day is everything about shaking the hands of strangers you meet in the street, it is truth a day dedicated to trying a union in our areas in between the older generation and the more youthful generation. Around the world where youths are persecuted, and the senior are presented as unsteady and frail, this day really brings neighborhoods together to acknowledge the various portals which most of us help each various other.

Several communities across the globe will certainly utilize Join Hands Day to begin a conversation in between the old and the young, hoping to plant a seed of interaction which could already existing for several years ahead. If you would like to obtain entailed try visiting a community center or senior house, and show that despite age we are all humans who need to be cherished and loved.

Teenager with shaking hands?

I was in physics lab. While joining the circuits my hands were shaky, I felt really embarrassed because some girls were also in the group. Next day I bunked from college, and went to see a doctor all alone. I went to the best hospital in the area. I told him about the tremors in my hands while doing something physical and complex. He asked me to get an ECG done. The ECG was abnormal. And later he checked my blood pressure which was awefully abnormal( it was 170/100, and normal is 120/80). Then he counted my pulse which was again abnormal( 120, normal is 72/min). After that I got tested for heart, kidney, liver....etc etc everything, but all came normal. Finally the doctor diagnosed me with Essential Hypertension( high bp) and he put me on Pills( one tab daily) . I am 21 male. I am doing well now, but still my hands shake at some occasions. Most of the time, they shake during the first half of the day.

Who came up with the idea of shaking hands?

Who came up with the idea of shaking hands?

Many sources say that shaking hands began with the knights in the days of chivalry as a way of showing that one had no weapons when meeting another person. Although shaking hands was probably originally a way of indicating friendly intentions by showing that we were not carrying a weapon, the custom far predates the Middle Ages (see below). The custom of tipping one’s hat, however, probably was from the days of chivalry where removing one's metal helmet that was part of a suit of armor indicated trust that the person being met wouldn't lop your head off.

Giving the hand or joining hands as a pledge of friendship and fidelity, however, dates back to the Old Testament. In 2 Kings 10:15 when Jehu (9th century B.C. Israeli king known among other things for his reckless chariot driving) asked Jehonadab if his “heart was right” with him and “if it be, give me thine hand. And he gave him his hand.” And in Proverbs 11:21 we have:


"Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished."

And in 2 Maccabees 12:12 (circa 2nd century B.C.):


"Then Judas, thinking indeed that they would be profitable in many things, granted them peace; whereupon they SHOOK HANDS, and so they departed in their tents."

Homer, in the 9th century B.C., also spoke of the practice when he had Nestor shaking hands with Ulysses on his return to the Grecian camp with the stolen horses of Rhesus. Later, during the time of the Roman Empire the shaking of hands continued and on into the Middle Ages where in addition to the abovementioned indication of friendly intentions a vassal would put his hands in the hands of his overlord when taking the oath of fidelity and homage. A bit later in Shakespeare’s ‘Antony and Cleopatra (1606), IV, xii, Mark Antony says:


"O sun, thy uprise shall I see no more: / Fortune and Antony part here; even here / Do we SHAKE HANDS. All come to this?”

In addition to being a greeting, shaking hands has become customary in many cultures after settling an argument, on confirming an agreement or business deal, and before embarking on a contest of some sort. But shaking hands is not, and has not always been, a custom practiced by all societies and many Asians, for example, prefer a nod or a slight bow instead, although in modern times the handshake appears to be gradually becoming universal.

Why did you join the military?

Why did you join the military?

I joined the U.S. Navy to get out of slower, lower Delaware and see the world. I did pretty much both. I was on 5 ships, stationed in 3 countries (my family was with me in 2), was on 6 of the 7 continents (never made it to Australia, but I did go to New Zealand), visited over 30 countries (some more than once), sailed 8 oceans/seas.

I've been as far East as Pakistan, as far West as Thailand, as far North as Nova Scotia, and as far South as Antarctica (spent 13 months there). I picked up 7 languages enough to get something to eat, get directions, shop, and carry on at least a limited conversation. I still keep in touch with a few folks I met overseas, and a lot of folks I'd been stationed with either by phone, card/letter, e-mail or internet IM. Some have even come through and stayed with us from time to time (one was here this past September for a few days, and we hadn't seen him since 1976).

That yahoo who said it was horrible...his own fault. The military is what YOU make of it. I was on one ship I had never wanted to be aircraft carrier. I was on board during the last 10 months of my career, but I made it work. Even though I was away from my family 6 of the 10 months on board, I was able to hit a couple of ports I hadn't been to, and those I did get to, I went to see some old friends I had made (Israel, Italy, Egypt).

I worked for and with some jackasses, but we have those in the civilian world as well. One thing about the Navy....either YOU or the jackass will be transferred within 2 - 3 years. Can't do that in the civilian world. Either you have to quit or you or he dies.

After 20 years, I have pretty much free medical/medications for life, as well as my wife (she pays a $12 co-pay when she sees her doctor). I'm picking up 2 of her meds today....FREE. She called them in this past weekend and they're ready today. I drive on base, go to the pick-up window OUTSIDE, hand the lady my wife's military ID and they hand me her meds. Five minutes is the longest I waited.

When my 2 sons were born, we didn't pay a penny for the hospital stay (civilian hospital). There are some good buys in the commissary and the base exchange. Also the MWR office has good deals on tickets for various venues. I went to D.C. for a few days and stayed in the Navy lodge in an efficiency (kitchen, bedroom/living room/bath) for a lot less than a hotel would have cost.

What civilian company will train you, feed you, PAY you and give you someplace to live while being trained, then take you to foreign countries to visit or live?

Oh, and you can work on your college degree (if you want) while you're on active duty. The Navy has professors that go with the ship so you can take classes after working hours. Not sure how the Army/Marines work but I'm sure some places you can take classes on base, as well.

Good luck!

(USN retired 1965-85)

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