Bladder Cancer Awareness Day 2021 is on Monday, May 3, 2021: How come cervicalbreast cancer has way more awareness and research into it than

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How come cervical/breast cancer has way more awareness and research into it than

Roger, thanks for asking this question. I asked this question in the "cancer" section, and asked my epidemiology lecturer at university (who apparently has a PHD in the subject). The answer I was given, were not satisfactory. Girls are being immunised at high school for cervical cancer, where as boys are not for prostate cancer. 40% of the funding for cancer goes to breast cancer research. Girls are given a lot more advice on searching for lumps on breasts, than men on their testicles. Do you know how to check for lumps on your testicles? Do you know how frequently you should be doing it? What symptoms should you look out for if you suspect you have prostate cancer? These are important questions every man should be able to answer. I personally find this worrying. When I graduate, and become a pharmacist, I will do my best to raise awareness for Prostate, and testicular cancer because WE need it.

Edit: Can people stop making up false science. Most of what is said here is completely untrue. Trevor, you are wrong, prostate cancer spreads to other organs quickly. It causes damage to your bladder as men who have prostate cancer cannot urinate easily.

Professor C, What you listed is a severe condition caused by excessive glutamic acid in the bladder that is not broken down by cyclic P.esterase, which is caused by changing of PH in the urinary arteries, which is caused by excessive built up of uric acid. Trust me, I do know what I am talking about. Do you have any idea on what I am talking about? I don't think you do, let scientists handle science, anyone can google not many people can spend 5 years learning it.

What do all the awareness ribbons represent?

What do all the awareness ribbons represent?


* Bipolar disorder awareness and support

* Cerebral Palsy awareness and support

* Gastroschisis

* Depression

* Aging Research awareness

* Lyme Disease

* Organ transplantation and donation awareness

* Kidney Cancer aka Renal Cell Carcinoma Awareness

* Environmental protection

* Mitochondrial disease awareness

* Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infections

* Pedestrian Safety


* Adoption Awareness

* Methamphetamine Abuse Awareness

* Forgiveness

* Safe Childbirth & Motherhood

* Multiple Hereditary Exostoses

* Male on female violence

* Lung Cancer (sometimes pearl-colored)


* Bone Cancer / Osteosarcoma

* American soldiers ("support our troops")

* Suicide awareness and prevention

* Endometriosis awareness

* Bladder Cancer

* Genocide awareness


* Self-injury awareness

* Energy awareness in Nigeria

* Animal protection awareness

* Leukemia Awareness

* Multiple Sclerosis awareness

* Kidney cancer survivorship and awareness

* ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

* CPRS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrom)


* Mourning and remembrance of the Virginia Tech massacre

* Melanoma awareness


* Mental illness awareness

* Borderline personality disorder awareness

* Diabetes awareness

* Brain cancer awareness

* Asthma awareness


* Spirit Day and victims of homophobia

* crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis

* Horse Slaughter Prevention and Awareness

* Chiari Malformation

* Sarcoidosis

* Lupus

* Fibromyalgia

* Show religious tolerance

* Promoting remembrance and awareness of violence against women

* Domestic violence awareness

* Childhood stroke awareness

* Cystic fibrosis awareness

* Alzheimer's disease awareness

* Pancreatic cancer awareness


* Heart Disease/Heart Attack

* AIDS awareness

* Substance abuse awareness (Red Ribbon Week is commonly held in American schools)

* Vasculitis awareness

I would recommend checking out the page. There are many color variations, too.

Is this what an ovarian cyst feels like?

Is this what an ovarian cyst feels like?

The signs of ovarian cancer may be different for each woman and any one of these symptoms may be caused by other, benign conditions. Because of the ovaries’ proximity to the bladder and the intestines, gastrointestinal symptoms often occur.

When present, common symptoms of ovarian cancer may include:

◾Persistent abdominal bloating, indigestion or nausea

◾Changes in appetite, often a loss of appetite or feeling full sooner

◾Feelings of pressure in the pelvis or lower back

◾Needing to urinate more frequently

◾Changes in bowel movements

◾Increased abdominal girth

◾Feeling tired or low energy

Awareness of how your body normally feels and paying attention to symptoms that persist for several weeks can help guide your decision to see a doctor. Many signs of ovarian cancer, like abdominal bloating, may suggest a gastrointestinal issue. Talk with your doctor about ovarian cancer being part of the problem

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