Paranormal Day 2021 is on Monday, May 3, 2021: paranormal?

Monday, May 3, 2021 is Paranormal Day 2021. Happy Paranormal Day! - My Paranormal Podcast Happy Paranormal Day!

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Paranormal Day

Paranormal Day is really a day for those individuals who have confidence in paranormal activity to talk about encounters all across the globe. At the minimum, it’s an excellent excuse to meet up with buddies watching a frightening movie!


the first time ~ i went in my room and i laid down. my mom was asleep in another room and my dad was outside drunk somewhere. i laid down, and after a few minutes, i heard a very clear female voice, IT WAS NOT MY MOM, the voice was sort of floating like 6 inches away from my face above me. it said " ..(My name)... Lock the door." so i immediately got up and went to the front door and locked it.

The second time~ I got up extra early because it was the first day of school, dont recall which grade, but i was excited. (it was around 5am) anyway, i got ready and went into the living room. in one corner there was a recliner. and if you are sitting in the recliner, to your right is the dinning room (no wall right there) and then the kitchen itself wraps back to the left so it is right behind the wall that the chair is against. there was a tv in the living room, and it was off. you could see the entire dinning room and part of the kitchen in the reflection on the tv from where i was sitting.. my dad was still asleep in his room. all of a sudden i hear the window right above the kitchen sink break, then i hear cubards slamming shut and cups and dishes thrashing around, then after a minute i heard very loud boots walking on the tile floor - i could see in the tv where the boots were coming from, there was nothing there. i sat terrified thinking someone was breaking in, then after a few minutes, my dad turned his light on and came out to smoke his moring smoke. so i ran into the kitchen to see, and everything was perfectly fine.

the third time~ me and my good friend were chilling in the garage, when all of a sudden we heard a little girls voice talking. could not understand what it was saying. it was in the middle of the night, and a closed up garage. it was weird.

The fourth time ~ me and my mom heard the garage door opening and slamming shut like 2 times... it was late at night, noone was around.

the fifth time ~ ok, you and everyone else is probably going to read this and think im making it up, but i swear on my dead grandmothers soul, this really happened!

i was in my room sleeping on my floor, (i was weird, i found my floor more comfy than my bed) the door was cracked open about an inch or two. i woke up at 2:14am (the first thing i do when i wake is look at the clock. i vividly remember the time) because the light in the bathroom came on. you know how when the door is cracked and a light comes on in another room, the light reflects on the wall through the crack like a tall line... anyway,i was laying there, and i was staring at the light on the wall in front of me, the actual door is directly to my left like 2 feet. and i see this little figure that is about 3 feet tall standing in my doorway. (again, i swear i am not making this up) it had little teeny tiny spikes (or horns if you will) on its head, and it just stood there for what felt like forever. then in a flash(faster than i could blink) it was gone.. after about 30 seconds, it came back to my doorway and stood again for a few, then in a flash, it was gone. there is no person in my house that tiny. noone was up. noone has horns anyway. and there is no possible way anyone on the planet could move that fast. it was not an animal in my house. it was the scariest thing i have ever experienced in my entire life. i told my mom, and she said that she had seen that same thing in her house in a different state. only she had seen that one, and another one that was really really tall. they were standing at the foot of her bed laughing.





well my grandpa died and everybody was having dreams with him in them so my grandma had this dream where he called her but she lost the call and all she heard was lottery ticket and she looked at the cellphone screen and it had random numbers and the next day the lottery ticket with those exact numbers won , then my aunt had a dream and he told her 2 sell her stock and then she just ignored it and then she lost a ton of money from that.

well that goes on wit like 5 other relatives

oh and our house doors randomly close and open when none of the windows are open and you can hear footsteps when ur home alone and on the 1st floor

ok you probablly think im really wierd and all but whatever

Paranormal experiences?

Paranormal experiences?

I have had a few experiences with what I would call paranormal and such experiences can surely challenge everything you have come to know about the world.. The first time I heard my name called out but I did not feel it was anything that could not be explained. I thought it was my imagination. I worked in a hotel that had been reported to of been haunted and I heard others talking about two female ghosts that had been encountered by other employees and guests.I was alone working one evening and I heard my name called out , it was in a woman's voice and she just said "Tim". There were no other females working that evening. Just a man working in maintenance . It came from a balcony area just above the Lobby. I looked up as that was where it came from. I came from behind the Front desk , where I was working and actually walked up a stairway to see as I was curious. I did not see anyone. I thought about it for a little bit but just laughed it off.

On another occasion , I was in the same area in the afternoon working with another individual and from out of the blue, I had my name called out again. It was the same womans voice but this time I heard it over the security radio. She just said my name again. I was immediately taken by this as I knew I was not mistaking. My co worker heard it but whats more is , I called out over the radio to ask the security guard if he had heard it too and he said yes. There are no woman who work with the security company or have access to this secure channel. I knew then I was dealing with something paranormal. The following day a housekeeper heard me talking about my experience and she said "Oh , you just heard Mrs Converse". A woman who had lived in the hotel for years and all the staff were familiar with. I have had other experiences in different places at different times but at those experiences I had at the hotel have changed me. Take care.

Also on this date May 3, 2021...