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Hard disk space decreasing day by day?

There could be several things going on here.

First of all, you should know that most hard drive space on computers, especially on PC's, tend to fluctuate based on several different factors:

-downloads and installs from the internet and media (installing programs, updates, etc)

-system restore (one of your recovery options just in case you mess something up)

-page file (sort of like your hard drive's RAM)

-cache (stores of commonly used files and data so that things can load faster)

Two of the largest things here that tend to increase and decrease (by possibly several gigabytes) are System Restore and your page file (especially if your page file is automatically managed by your system). If your system does not need System Restore points past a certain date, or activity on your computer is low, your system makes the necessary changes that best fit your activity. If you constantly install things and run heavy duty memory intensive programs, your page file will increase and you will see less hard drive space. The opposite will happen if you do not do this. When your system no longer needs any cache files, or you delete them, there could be a lot more space that comes up on your hard drive.

For the problem with your system constantly installing updates when you shut your computer down, I'm not sure what the problem is with that. Maybe try manually updating Windows by clicking the start button, going to all programs, and clicking on Windows Update. Click check for updates and install any updates that come up.

Sometimes, viruses may cause problems like this by filling up your hard drive with useless and worthless files. You might want to run a scan with a scanner (Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG, Malwarebytes, IObit Security 360, these are some of the free ones out there).

Hope all is well, good luck.

My hard drive space goes down 6gb per day.?

My hard drive space goes down 6gb per day.?

Firstly download and install Ccleaner.

This is a free program that will remove all the unnecessary crap that builds up over time,

Windows backup files take up considerably space, especially if you have several which most people do. If your computer is running OK you only really need the last one.

To remove click "Start" then "Computer".

Right click drive "C" and select properties.

Click the "Disk Cleanup" button.

A new progress window will open. This will take a couple of minutes.

Once done another new window will open.

Click the "More Options" tab at the top.

Click the "Clean up" button under the System Restore part of the window (lower button).

Another window will open. Click the "Delete" button.

Wait a few seconds and click the "OK" button in the previous window.

Again click the "Delete" button.

This will take a few seconds.

You should now have more space,

Possibly considerably more depending upon how many backups there were.

Finally defrag your computer.

Hope this helps

Do people need their space these days?

Do people need their space these days?

People have always needed space to themselves to think about things. Everyone needs alone time, some more than others.

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