Two Different Colored Shoes Day 2021 is on Monday, May 3, 2021: what should i wear for mismatch day at school?

Monday, May 3, 2021 is Two Different Colored Shoes Day 2021. 03 May - Two Different Colored Shoes DAY....! photo - Marielou ... 03 May - Two Different Colored

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Two Different Colored Shoes Day

There are bunches of means to express ourselves, but what better way compared to commemorating Two Different Colored Shoes Day? Every day we get up and, without considering it, put on two footwears which are precisely the same-- the only difference being one shoe is for the left foot and the various other for the right. After acquiring supplied up with the uninteresting routine which most of us follow daily, Dr. Arlene Kaiser developed what has come to be known as Two Different Colored Shoes Day: a day for everyone to cherish how diverse most of us are by wearing shoes of various shades.

So as opposed to spend a complete year adapting what society has actually informed us is typical and proper, think about celebrating Two Different Colored Shoes Day. You might acquire some stares in public, and your boss may wonder just what is taking place, however you will certainly understand exactly how vital range is.

what should i wear for mismatch day at school?

Whatever you wear, wear it inside out!

Make sure the colors don't match!

Make sure the buttons are not lined up!

Wear different colored shoe strings!

Wear two different colors of eye shadow or lipstick.

Mismatch your earrings!

Same shoes, same size, wrong fit?

Same shoes, same size, wrong fit?

Maybe they're stretched from being tried on, or they could be made by a different manufacturer. Even though the shoes are exactly the same, they may not even have been made in the same country.

what color looks best on toenails?

what color looks best on toenails?

Ten years ago I was working for an under-funded startup, making barely enough to cover expenses, and we had two little girls, 6 and 3. So for cheap fun we'd blow 99 cents and have Toenail Painting Night every Sunday, after the girls got out of the bath. Big fun -- I'd paint thirty little toenails (my girls plus my wife) and the kids would run giggling around the house all evening.

So we learned several things:

1 - Painting toenails is FUN. In fact, it's way too much fun to take seriously. So it almost doesn't MATTER what color you paint them, it's going to be a hoot.

2 - If you wear closed-toe shoes, nobody sees your toenails till you take your shoes and socks off, and that usually implies a level of comfort, even intimacy. So you can paint EVERY TOE A DIFFERENT COLOR because if only your friends and family see them, it's cool. Or more to the point... if it's only 99 cents (well, two to five bucks these days) and nobody sees them till you take your shoes off, you might as well go crazy from time to time.

3 - If it's summertime and you're going to be wearing sandals, you're probably better off to pick something that looks good with your skin and hair color, because chances are those colors will look good with your clothes. So my wife, who has very fair creamy skin, medium brown hair with red highlights, looks great with copper, bronze, dusty rose, or medium burgundy nails (though we've gone with coral, pure red, and metallic gold on occasion as well, just for shock value).

4 - For best results, do it right -- get one of those nail buffing sticks; not an emery board (use that to shape the ends of the nails), but the kind that you use to smooth and polish the TOPS of the nails. The ones we use have three different levels of polish, coarse, medium and fine. Work through them in turn, and when you're done, the nail is flat and smooth and can be very, very shiny -- which is a great look on its own, very natural and fresh. Stilll, even if you're going to color your nails, they will look best with a good, smooth base.

Once you've smoothed them, use a matte-finish base coat as a "primer" -- this helps the color go on better and fills in any ridges or grooves. Once that's in place, we found it looks best to do at least two color coats and then a top coat of clear.

So think about your skin color and the color of most of your clothing. If you're colored like your avatar, I bet the color my wife's wearing right now (a medium bronzy copper metallic) would look great on your toes -- something to pick up your hair color and draw it down to your bare feet.

Something else we've done is picked a nail polish that's very similar to the color of her lips (she tends not to wear lipstick), a medium pink in a creamy dusty-rose shade. Again, this looks very natural with her skin color (and from my intimate perspective, it's very sexy because it reminds me of... other places where she's the same color.)

And sometimes we go all-out with bright fire red, as red as an Italian racing car. Especially in the winter, when she almost never wears sandals and so the only person who sees her toes is me. It's always a thrill when we're sitting on the couch, she stretches her feet into my lap and I forgot that she has ten bright rubies on the tips of her toes...

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