Irish Coffee Day 2025 is on Saturday, January 25, 2025: Has anybody read the book "Irish Coffee" and if so can u give me a summary of it?

Saturday, January 25, 2025 is Irish Coffee Day 2025. Here's a fun way to keep warm: Celebrate National Irish Coffee Day ... National Irish Coffee Day

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Irish Coffee Day

1942 showed an arbitrary year for transatlantic tourists wearied by the cool and wet conditions of an Irish winter season. Thanks to the impressive creative imagination of bartender Joe Sheridan, they were soon to have their cockles fantastically warmed by a nearly decadent mixture of great Irish whiskey with the alluring preference and fragrance of recently brewed coffee. Integrated with the subtle sweetness of brownish sweets and sipped via the lavish thickness of whipped cream, it was a recipe that would come to be a global favorite that needed no certain weather to be enjoyed.

Irish Coffee Day will certainly be celebrated around the world by the millions of discerning diners which have settled plenty of meals with this attracting and aromatic blend of refreshments. Its introduction will be equally as readily memorialized by the millions much more which need no unique occasion to mark the unique marriage of 2 of the most appreciated preferences ever prepared.

Has anybody read the book "Irish Coffee" and if so can u give me a summary of it?

Do you mean Irish Coffee by Ralph M. McInerny?

When Fred Neville of the Notre Dame athletic department winds up dead under mysterious circumstances, amateur sleuth and academic Roger Knight, and his brother, Phil, a P.I., investigate the apparent murder. The trouble: no suspects. No suspects, that is, until the day of Fred's funeral, when several likely candidates suddenly appear at the poor man's wake.

First, Mary Schuster, daughter of a faculty widow, shows up at the event dressed all in black, with the startling announcement that she and the deceased were secretly in love. Then the controversy doubles when another woman arrives with a huge diamond ring on her finger, claiming to have been Fred's intended. Could it be that unassuming Fred Neville was actually involved with two women, in secret and at the same time? Roger thinks not, and finds a notable piece of evidence to back up his hunch when a secret stash of Fred's poetry turns up, clearly written with a single woman in mind. Unfortunately, the object of Fred's intense love remains unnamed in his verse. Suddenly, both women are suspects in a vicious crime. But it's up to Roger to plug into the campus gossip grid and, with a little help from Phil, not to mention his vast knowledge of just about everything that happens on campus, determine the exact chain of events that led to murder.

Poll: Irish coffee or Hot toddy?

Poll: Irish coffee or Hot toddy?

Since its St. Patricks day, I would like to be a green-hearted Irish for a day. May I have a Irish coffee, I heard ur coffee is delicious :)

What would a ’memorial day’ coffee taste like?

What would a 'memorial day' coffee taste like?

We have Dunkirk and D Day coming up and as both happened in France , a French Coffee with brandy in it would be apt.

St patricks day with Irish Whisky

And St Andrews Day with Scotch.

Also on this date Saturday, January 25, 2025...