A Room Of One's Own Day 2025 is on Saturday, January 25, 2025: a Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf- can someone explain this passage?

Saturday, January 25, 2025 is A Room Of One's Own Day 2025. A Room of One's Own Day A Room of One's Own Day

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A Room Of One’s Own Day

When I write these words, encircled by yelling children along with a bad-tempered spouse having a headache, I'm able to heartily verify Virginia Woolf’s assertion that to be able to write effectively, you need an area of one’s own. Woolf’s 1928 essay ‘A Room of One’s Own’ was surely the muse behind An Area Of One’s Own Day.As the essay itself was focused about women’s use of education, during these more enlightened occasions we are able to most likely relax the guidelines just a little and turn it into a day purely to live in.Planning is important. You’ll take some good books (possibly by Virginia Woolf), good quality music, and most likely cake. Actually, cake is nearly certainly essential. A drop or a couple of your favourite wine, possibly. Then, batten lower the hatches and take a while to celebrate yourself, inside a room of your.

a Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf- can someone explain this passage?

The entire passage means she has stage fright. It's possible however, that back in her day, there was no such term AS "stage fright".

In Virginia Woolf’s a room of one’s own what did she mean by "the unity of the mind"?

In Virginia Woolf's a room of one's own what did she mean by "the unity of the mind"?

She means minds are NOT unified... there is no "unity of the mind."

She gives several examples of this.

1. "...it (the mind) seems to have no single state of being..."

...which means it can't be always focused on one thing.

1a. Can your mind be constantly focused on one thing?

1b. Infants are more likely to focus on eating and sleeping, but they grow... their minds take in different stimulus every day... their minds change all the time.

2. "It can separate itself from the people in the street, for example..."

2a. Do you think you, yourself, always think the same things people around you on the street are thinking?

3. "...think of itself ("itself" is the mind) as apart from them..."

3a. Again, don't you also think your own private thoughts, apart from others'?

4. "Or it can think with other people spontaneously..a crowd waiting to hear...news...."

4a. Sometimes people DO wait together and listen to something and think about it together.

5. "It can think back through its fathers or its mothers..."

5a. A person often has familial memories (" 'Dad and Mom' did this all the time.' ") and even have genetic aspects shared with family regarding the mind... Perhaps a tendency to be an alcoholic or to have a mental disorder (like Woolf had herself) etc.

For the part about "a woman writing thinks back through her mothers"...is there an apostrophe missing...? Is it "...mother's..."?

At any rate, for a woman like Woolf - well, any female (and often male) writer will use experience with [a] known mother[s] in Some way... memory will influence her mind in either a conscious or subconscious manner.

Is it more clear now?

Something in my room....?

Something in my room....?

The best thing to do would be to ignore it. Don't talk as if someone is there in the room with you.

If you need peace of mind, check the history of the house or property around your house. This information can be found at places such as the local library or I guess city hall (someplace where they keep property and history records). Back then, I believe that your area might have had a small town or settlement of immigrants with large families. Maybe the little girl was one of the last child of the family (like the early 1900's flu epidemic).

V.V don't even pretend to use the deathnote. The stuff may be just coincidental, but you have to live with what's happened for the rest of your life with what's happened in your connection to the deathnote book you have and what you have perspired (or jokingly) happen such as writing your brother's name in it. Don't use it for jokes or angry thoughts.

Well, good luck in the future...the only thing I can say is that you need to ignore the sounds, no matter how creepy they may be. Don't even think about trying to contact what's in your room (even if you are just playing around or joking).

Have you heard of poltergeists? There's a theory that one can produce a mass of elecron energy (or negative energy) in which can exuberate through one's own sub-concious. It is believed poltergeists happen when a child entering the age of adulthood (for girls, that would be age 1 to 13, or when they start going through puberty) and everything is emotionally confusing, or has a negative impact on the child. Since children are in tuned emotionally, they have much more energy to direct to either the proton or the electron poles (positive and negative, respectfully), so when all that energy pulls to the negative, it will cause a mass defluctuation in the atmosphere which in turn causes the electron mass to collect and possibly "solidify" to the point where it can physically touch things. Poltergiests are commonly mistaken for ghosts, or spiritual electron fluctuations. So, maybe moving, pets passing on, family issues, deaths of people you know, are making you think extremely negatively (even without you knowing it). If negative feelings is the case, then I suggest you get councilling if there are any major problems you are trying to deal with without telling anyone else.

V.V sorry, I know it all sounds crazy and is based on theory, but if you look into it more, then maybe this will be something that'll help.

nya nya

EDIT: hi this is Vic B, not mic the cat

I just wanted to say something

first it could be a ghost, that is very probable,because stuff like that happens all the time. tell your partents that there is some very crap going on in your room.

then get rid of that book, if there is a ghost then maybe it is doing wierd stuff related to the Death Note book.

Why would you write your families name in it?!?!?

just ignore the "ghost" if it is one, and never speak to it, then you will be opening your self up to the super natural relm, which is NOT good. sorry this is happening to you

good luck

EDIT: This is Mic the Cat again (Vic B was using my profile e.e). Anyways, when I said "get counsilling without anyone knowing", I meant that you should most definitely talk to people......not that you should keep that kind of stuff in. By all means, tell your family members that you are having a hard time and cry! Let it all out. You will surely feel better. BTW, your BF will notice if something is bothering you. If you respect him as your BF, you will tell him that you still having a hard time over your last one and that you need a shoulder to cry on.....or an ear for listening at least. If may make him uncomfortable at first, but his duty is to listen and help you with this emotional stage.....A BF should also be a true friend to you...not just an opposite-gendered friend. When you find that balance in your life once again, the strange happenings in your room might cease. Now, I'm only saying this based on theory and experiences other people claimed to have had....so don't put your entire hope into it. Leave other options. If anything, pushing the negative feelings out will at least keep the less kind spirits away (if you believe in that kind of stuff) or will drive the poltergiest away (again, if you believe in that stuff).

V.V another user was using my profile to answer this question under the first EDIT, so sorry about that.


good luck in the future.

Also on this date Saturday, January 25, 2025...