Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day 2024 is on Thursday, January 25, 2024: How do I preserve my baby blanket but still be able to see it every day?

Thursday, January 25, 2024 is Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day 2024.

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Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day

Quilt shops do not acquire anything like the recognition they are entitled to for the vital part they play in providing covers. Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day intends to change all that by bringing individuals together, in their neighborhood quilt store, to commemorate all points quilty.

Let's face it, a quilt shop is a lot greater than just a store. It's a spot to socialize, have a cup of coffee, make new buddies, and talk about patchworks. Material stores of any type of kind could participate as well, expanding the range of the day even further.

If you have actually never ever made a patchwork, and certainly that puts on a couple of of you, then perhaps this is the time to begin quilting. Why not go along to your local patchwork store and find out how it's done? If you don't have a local patchwork shop, go to someone else's-- they will not mind!

How do I preserve my baby blanket but still be able to see it every day?

If you really enjoy having the baby blanket around but don't want it framed, I've got a great idea that I used on my Mom's wedding quilt.

First, gently clean it using a detergent designed for baby items, such as Dreft or Ivory Snow. Visit your local fabric shop and purchase enough high quality Tulle to encase your baby blanket in. You can stitch up a pillow type case or just drape it over. None the less, you can display that baby blanket on your quilt rack while it is protected from dust by the Tulle fabric. Every few months, remove the blanket and hand wash the Tulle. This will protect your blanket while still allowing it to be highly visible.


Fine netting made of a tiny hexagonal mesh. Commonly used for wedding veils and skirts of gowns. Additionally, it has been used in quilt preservation.

Bored @ home watching TV & reading, what else could I do to pass the evening. All my pals are busy?

Bored @ home watching TV & reading, what else could I do to pass the evening. All my pals are busy?

Play a computer game (scrabble, mah jong or bridge for me), read a book or magazine, do crossword puzzles or sudoku, listen to music, watch a movie, write in a journal, play a board game, or answer questions here on yahoo answers. Cook something, clean the house, go for a walk, work out, call a friend, send emails, visit someone, or even go shopping.

Writing in a journal is an interesting thing to do, especially when you go back weeks or months or even years later and read what you wrote. Buy yourself an interesting blank journal that represents who you are, and start writing your daily thoughts, ideas, and important events. You'll be surprised at how quickly you will look forward to the time you spend with it each day. And it could become a powerful record for posterity.

Look for a new hobby. Find something that is of particular interest to you. Possibly you might like to begin researching and compiling your family tree. I am sure many members of your family would encourage you with a project such as that. A couple of other things that come to mind that I have found interesting in the past, and they now occupy my grandchildren are learning to do origami (read the story about Sadako and the 1000 paper cranes, and maybe start a paper crane project of your own), and another is learning to tie different knots (most book stores will have a book on the different knots, and it is quite interesting, and also a very useful skill to have).

Take a class - learn the finer points of digital photography, painting, writing short stories, small appliance repair, playing bridge, dog grooming, pottery, home maintenance, carpentry, plumbing, quilting, scrapbooking, or anything else that is offered in your area. Often you can find classes that are free, or almost free.

Finally, and probably most importantly, if you find yourself bored often, consider volunteering. It will give you a new focus in your life, and it is a good feeling to help someone less fortunate or more in need than yourself. It can be a life changing experience.

Boredom is a choice you make, not a state of existence. If you are bored, it is because you are allowing yourself to be bored. Look around you. Most likely you have books, and a wide variety of other possessions. Look at the things around you and think of ways to use them. If there are people around you, think of ways to help those people. Think of others and how to help them, not yourself, and you will never be bored.

What are some good vacation spots?

What are some good vacation spots?

Bay Islands, Honduras the best coral reefs in the area!!! absolutely spectacular!!!!

Air Tours

A great way to see the island or visit an out-island.

$54/ 1/2 hr; $99/hr. Prices per person for 3 people.

Rates vary for fewer passengers. Please ask the Front Desk for more information.

Birds, Butterflies and Blossoms at the Butterfly Farm

A secret garden of butterflies and birds. A local guide walks you through the exhibit showing the stages of growth, eating habits and other butterfly behaviors. Take time to stroll the paths to see the gardens and animals. $5 per person

Scenic Boat Trip

A special way to spend a day on the island. Charter our boat and captain and head out to explore the island. No rush. No schedule. Bring your snorkel gear to explore underwater. Follow the coastline and discover secluded coves. Stop for lunch at a waterfront restaurant and then walk along the beach.

$200 for 4 hours/ up to 4 people. $50 per additional person - Fishing options available.

$300 for full day tour includes lunch. $75 per additional person- Fishing option available

Carambola Gardens

Just a short walk or cab ride from the resort, this planned trail takes guests to the Sandy Bay Ridge. Trees, bushes and flowers are labeled to introduce the visitor to the flora and fauna of the island. Entrance Fee $5.00

Glass-Bottom Boat Ride

Ride 7 feet below the surface in the glass-walled keel of the boat. The boat slowly tours the reef letting you stay perfectly dry while you view a variety of habitats and depths. You will see everything from rays, turtles, tropical fish, schooling fish and groupers. Along the way, the crew feeds the schooling fish which bring in the curious barracuda and groupers. Sometimes you will even pass over scuba divers who pose for your camera! Adults $20; Children $10

Oak Ridge - Mangrove Tour Boat Trip

See Oak Ridge as if you lived there. Oak Ridge is the Venice of Roatan with stilt homes, water taxis, mangroves and Payan canals from 400AD. This tour will take you from the dock through the town center of the harbor and then on through the mangrove canals.

Boat Rental approximately $25 for up to 6 people with driver/tour guide. Tips & transportation to Oak Ridge additional

Island Tours

Half Day Tours

We offer a variety of 1/2 day tours. Most tours require a minimum of 4 people to run, but we arrange private tours as well. In general, half day private tours cost $100 for the bus & driver plus lunch and admission fees. For complete information, please ask at the Front Desk.

East End- Head east from the resort to see French Harbor, Oak Ridge and Punta Gorda. Optional add-on of a boat trip down the Oak Ridge Mangrove Trail $25 per boat. Each boat holds 6 people.

West End- Travel over the ridge to scenic Flowers Bay to see the sights and the Cameo Factory. Then Take a walk through the town of West End and see the craft shops and shopping, then off to visit Tabyana Beach . Snorkeling Optional.

Shopping Tour- Talk with your tour driver about the shopping that interests you. Your tour will take you to the places that interest you! We can take you to see places selling hand-carved wood products, quilts, moles & weaving, cameo carving, crafts from the mainland, Honduran specialty foods (rum, vanilla, coffee), and (a favorite of people who want to see the real life on Roatan) even the local grocery, clothes shops and open air markets.

Full Day Tour

This unique tour forgoes boring lectures for simple discussions on life on Roatan. The tour covers four areas of the island, who settled them, and how they influenced the growth of the island. Along the way the tour stops at local watering holes and gift shops. We start at Coxen Hole-- named for the English pirate, now the capital city of Roatan where gift shops replace pirates' dens. Next stop is French Harbor-- home of the island's international fishing fleet, packing plants, iguana farm, and great restaurants. Then we move on to Punta Gorda-- remote community of Garifunas, originally relocated slaves from St. Vincent and Belize…home of the punta dance …And we end with a look at Oak Ridge-- the Venice of Roatan with stilt homes, water taxis, mangroves and Payan canals from 400AD. A water taxi ride through the mangroves is optional.

$175 for the bus divided by up to10 people

Admission fees and lunch extra.

Talk with us before you ago about possible activities to do along the way.

Water Taxi ride, $25 per boat

The Iguana Farm

Visit Mr. Arch's backyard iguana exhibit. His desire to preserve the island's iguanas has created an incredible experience. Two large cages protect the young iguanas from natural and manmade predators. At noon, Mr. Arch and his family set out a feast of hibiscus leaves, cabbage and other greens. Over 2000 iguanas come in from the surrounding trees and bushes for lunch! Don' t forget to see the tarpon, turtles and other creatures living in the marine cage. Please leave a donation to help support this remarkable man's work! $5.00

Adventure / Sport

Horseback Riding

This 2 hour ride through the west end hillside and across the beaches is a great way to see the island. The ride is suitable for both novice and experienced riders. Take a ride in the afternoon, and you'll be able to watch the sunset while riding along the beach. $40/pp

Jungle Canopy Swing- West End

Take a ride down a cable stretching from the top of the hill to the beach in West End. Swing through the tree tops to the beach on a cable stretching from the top of the hill to the beach in West End. Fly from platform to platform enjoying the view & the thrill! BIBR Must Do $45/pp

Jungle Canopy Swing II- Palmetto Bay

Rope Bridges, zip lines and platforms lead you above the jungle to the beach at Palmetto Bay. Not for the faint of heart! This Jungle Canopy Tour is an exciting, challenging adventure. BIBR Must Do $45


Take one of the resort's "for guests only" kayaks from our beach and head out to explore. Or let us arrange a 2-hour ocean kayak tour for you out of the West End.

Dolphin Experiences - Dolphin experiences book very quickly. If you are interested, please let the Front Desk know as soon as possible. Dolphin Experiences cannot be charged to your room. Payment is made at the Institute For Marine Sciences by cash, traveler's check, mastercard or visa.

Dolphin Encounter

A shore-based dolphin encounter that lets children and non-swimmers meet dolphins face to face. A trainer joins each small group and helps the dolphin show their talents. This is a great opportunity to hug and be kissed by a dolphin. Professional photographer is available. Cameras permitted. $48

Snorkel with the Dolphins

Six to eight people are taken to the large dolphin pen to swim for an hour with two to four dolphins. On command from the trainers, the dolphins come nuzzle, jump over your arms and let you stroke them. Cameras are not allowed because you will have a lot of physical contact with the dolphins, and the cameras could injure the dolphins. The Institute of Marine Sciences provides a videographer who will sell copies of the tape afterwards. Cost $84

Dive with the Dolphins

No more than 6 divers take a boat with the dolphin trainer and divemaster to a 60' sandy bottom dive site off Bailey's Key. After a quick scuba check-out, the divers settle on the bottom and second boat arrives with the dolphins following behind. Here you can see the dolphins swim and play in the open water. Cameras and video equipment are allowed on this dive. A professional videographer will record the encounter and sells copies from the tape for $55 - $60. Cost of dive: $112

The Dolphin College

Take this short course at the Institute for Marine Science. Enjoy both the lectures and the field work with Roatan's bottlenose dolphins. Study the dolphins' behaviors, anatomy, and communication. Experience what it is like to be a dolphin trainer. Cost $200

Shark Dive

Drop into another world and swim with the sharks. See the sharks up close (really close) during a feeding session and then take a swim along one of the most beautiful reefs on the south shore -- with sharks for company. BIBR Must Do $75

Resort Hikes

Across from the resort we have 39 acres with great views of the ocean. Hiking free with package Ask at the Front Desk for directions.

Deep Sea Fishing

Try your luck with tuna, jacks, hog fish, barracuda and marlin just offshore. Cost for boat, guide, bait and snack: Hourly $55; 1/2 day; $200; Full day $350

For more information, click here to see our dedicated fishing page.

Bone Fishing

You can bring your own rod & lures to fly fish in the flats around the island on your own. Or hire one of the local guides and take advantage of local knowledge. Bone fishing guides on the island range from $200- $400 per day. If interested, we can arrange an appointment for you to meet the guides & set up a bone fishing trip. Trips can range all over the island including out on the easternmost point.

Special Boat Trips & Tours:

Trip to the South Shore & the Out Islands: Barbaret, Cayos Cochinos, Guanaja, & Utila

For fabulous diving, try some of our more remote, specialty dive sites. Package includes two dives, boat, captain, dive master, tanks, weights, lunch and snacks.

Cayos Cochinos (Hog Islands)- a small group of islands that lie 10 miles offshore, halfway between Roatan and the mainland of Honduras. The only access is by boat and the entire island group is a protected marine reserve. Diving and snorkeling are excellent in this pristine fringing reef.

Barbaret- A small island at the east end of Roatan offers great diving and snorkeling. Snorkelers can sunbathe and swim off of several small cays while divers explore the Pigeon Cay dive sites- some of the most beautiful diving in the Bay islands! BIBR Must Do

Utila is a low-lying island to the west of Roatan. With great diving and a reputation for the cheapest dive classes in the Caribbean, Utila attracts backpackers and divers from around the globe. The reefs are great for snorkelers. Tarpon fishing is seasonally exciting. And the search for the whale shark is always a high point of the trip. The town of Utila is fun to explore.

Guanaja- an island past the east end of Roatan. Famous dive sites here include Jade Silverlode and the Jado Trader.

Roatan's South Shore- Dive well known sites such as Mary's Place, 40 ft Point, Valley of Kings, and the Price Albert wreck. Not just spectacular dive sites, these are likely spots to find seahorses.

Full day dive trip: $500/boat --Max. 8 people/2-tank dives. Fishing add-on available

Full day snorkel trip: $400/boat --Max. 8 people/2-tank dives. Fishing add-on available

Local (North Shore) Snorkel Charter -

A special way to spend a day on the island. Charter our boat and captain and head out to explore the island. No rush. No schedule. Bring your snorkel gear to explore underwater. Follow the coastline and discover secluded coves. Snorkel the shallow steamer wreck as well as other special site not accessible to divers.

1/2 Day: $200/boat. includes 2 snorkels

Full Day: $300/boat includes 3 snorkels with lunch

Local (North Shore) Dive Charter -

Want to head out on your own and explore. A favorite with photographers who like to have extra time and clear water for getting those special shots. Charter our boat and captain and have a day of diving to yourself. No rush. No schedule. Tel us what you would like to see and we will take you there!

1/2 Day: $300/boat includes 2 dives, return to resort for lunch

Full Day: $400/boat includes 3 dives with lunch

Pamper Yourself:


Ready to spoil yourself? Let us know, and we'll arrange a masseuse for you. We have both a male and female masseuse, well trained and experienced, who will bring their table to your room. $60 per hour.

Hair Braiding

Have an easy way to keep your hair throughout the week. Full head and half head braiding in a variety of patterns and beads. $20 half -- scalp hair braided but the back left loose/ $35 whole -- entire hair braided

Mainland Trips:

Copan Excursions

This trip begins with a bilingual guide hosting a beautiful three-hour drive from San Pedro Sula through the Honduran countryside to the hilltop village of Copan. Here you will step back in time and explore one of the finest Mayan archaeological sites in the world. After spending the night, you can rise early and take a tour on horseback through the residential ruins that surround the site, the Valley of Copan and the Copan River. Then, visit the museum the archaeological site and downtown Copan. Package includes bilingual guide, round trip transportation between San Pedro Sula airport and Copan in AC van, hotel stay with breakfast, admission to ruins and museums. BIBR Must Do

Cost begins at $180 for 1 night; 2discount on the second night. Roundtrip air transportation from Roatan to San Pedro Sula and back is approximately $130.

Whitewater Rafting Trip in La Ceiba

Without question, our most popular side trip! After breakfast at the resort, fly to La Ceiba for rafting on the Rio Congrejal. Run class II and IV rapids, jump off the cliffs, swim in the river and take a short guided walk through the rainforest. Trip includes everything- All transportation, lunch, professional guides, guided nature walk, tutorial on rafting skills, and equipment. $200 per person

Mainland Eco Tour - Hike Pico Bonito

This new experience is for the visitor who wants a great hiking workout coupled with a tour of Honduras' plants, tropical birds, and insects in the wild. Climb high into the forest, lunch in the shade, swing across canyons, and really experience the beauty of native Honduras. $120

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