Soup Swap Day 2024 is on Thursday, January 25, 2024: Is this enough food for the day?

Thursday, January 25, 2024 is Soup Swap Day 2024. Get Ready for Soup Swap Day « Yellowstone Valley Woman Get Ready for Soup Swap Day

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Is this enough food for the day?

your missing out on fats on that food day, you have proteins in eggs, nutrients in the veggies but not much fruit in there, instead of a boiled egg try 2 poached eggs and also you can swap the wholemeal bread for porridge which will keep you full throughout the day.

i think also you could do with some more proteins in that day for example lean meats and fish, lentils, cottage cheese.

but the main thing you are missing out on are fats which there are two type saturated which is the not so good fats and unsaturated which is the healthier version, try introducing nuts into your diet with have unsaturated fats.

4 days into my diet and have not a lost a pound.?

4 days into my diet and have not a lost a pound.?

A few days isn't long enough for your body to show differences. Weigh yourself once a week on the same day (Sunday, for example). That will be the best measurement of what's going on.

Is This Day Of Food Ok?

Is This Day Of Food Ok?

Your meals are great, but all your snacks are junk food. Swap some out for fruit or something healthier

Also on this date Thursday, January 25, 2024...
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