Kid Film Festival on January, 2023: a film festival named after him, but his real name was harry (3,8,3)?

Kid Film Festival 2023. Athens Childrens Film Festival 4 Kids Athens Ga Children Film Festival

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a film festival named after him, but his real name was harry (3,8,3)?

Sundance Film Festival

Harry Longabaugh

Robert Redford named the festival after his character The Sundance Kid from the film "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"

do you know any film festivals?

do you know any film festivals?

Here's a rundown on several u.s. film fests, along with entry information.

Any film festivals like this?

Any film festivals like this?

The thing about Film Fests there is an age limit so you could either enter two ways the parent is the main entry either Producer or another title to enter. The other is look into special events around the US that caterers to kids which there are just local events and even that wont give you press or the award.

We teach kids in the Chicago area and there is a lot of talent here with some of the children yet getting them what’s due them is hard. Here is a search for the fests in your area….

One of the top fests site it costs yet many use them

Now Indie Club is pretty cool I was with them for a few years and they are good for gathering info yet they lack overall leadership and that’s what we saw in our area. Yet I have heard the likes of Wisconsin is doing fairly well.

do hope this is good enough for you…..

Side note here is a video that was Top Shelf when it came out the kid that did was like a legend out there and he did help form his parents well his father…..yet its great still read the ending and look at the credits which they don’t show anymore I have the original clip on a CD that was given to us….here is their info

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