Meat Week on January, 2025: I haven't been eating meat for weeks?

Meat Week 2025. Grilling with Rich In celebration of Meat Week's

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I haven’t been eating meat for weeks?

I can beat that. I haven't eaten meat fish or fowl for sixty years! And I'm still here to tell the tale at Seventy-eight. Every morning I work-out with weights. If I have time I shift about two tons in weight

in the course of my exercise routine followed by a shower finished with cold water, (winter too) There is plenty of protein available in the vegetable kingdom. Even potatoes contain protein. So too do all the beans (lots of variety) peas, and the various types of lentils. Wholegrain cereals preferably organically grown, wheat pasta, barley, in soups, rye, in bread, rice, oats, together with all the popular green leafy vegetables and root vegetables.For goodness sake how could anyone not feel healthier? Admittedly, you have to learn a bit about cooking, but truly it is worth the effort. You ask which meat is healthy to eat, the answer is NONE! Let me explain why. We have intestines which are about thirty-two feet long. When you eat meat, in the process of digestion it passes slowly through the gastrointestinal tract. As the meat continues on it's way through the intestines it is further broken down and when it finally arrives in the large intestine, the process is completed and the nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream for distribution to every organ and gland that requires them. Unfortunately in the case of animal food particularly fish, by the time it reaches the large intestine it is putrefying. Some of this putrefaction is also absorbed into the blood stream where it can find it's way to various organs and glands and lay down the foundations of ill health. Scientists now link this to the cause of heart disease, cancers, and a host of degenerative diseases too numerous to mention. If you add to the equation the effect of residual amounts of medication in meat that animals are subjected to. along with hormone injections, fattening agents, treatments for tenderising, You tell me what kind is safe!? Vegetable matter ferments in the gut. Fermentation is a harmless process which is very beneficial to health. It is necessary for the production of Lactobacilus acidophilus. We should have trillions of this intestinal flora in the gastrointestinal tract where it fights infection and keeps the tract clean. Apart from the moral issue, the above is the main argument for vegetarianism. Bernard.

I havent eating meat in a week?

I havent eating meat in a week?

If you plan on eating meat later then do not cut it out of your diet altogether. Try just 1 serving a day. This is because if your body gets use to not having meat and then all the sudden you eat it you get really sick. This happened to me with pork. I can't even have the lean ham or I will get so sick and I use to be able to eat it. It happened with beef too but I'm better with that now. Also eating less than 1200 calories is not good for your body. You might not see it as an eating disorder but it is and this is the consequences of what you are doing.

Christians (Catholics): Will you eat meat on this holy week?

Christians (Catholics): Will you eat meat on this holy week?

Firstly, people are only requested to abstain from meat as a sacrifice to God or His son, Jesus. This is only a little sacrifice to what Jesus did for us Christians. If you are over eighteen, you have to fast and abstain this Holy Week. If you are not, you don't have to fast just abstain. Also, if you feel uncomfortable with avoiding meat, you can also avoid other things which are important to you, such as sugars or sweets (like my sisters). As long as you avoid something that is equally important to you as meat, you don't necessarily have to avoid eating meat. Also, if you accidentally eat meat, you can just switch it with another day. For example, if you accidentally eat meat on a Friday because you forgot to abstain, you may switch it with a different day like Saturday or Sunday and fast then.

As for the Jesus re-enactment, I think it's already part of your country's history and tradition to do so and cannot exactly be changed. Maybe, with the consent of the fake Jesus, they nailed him to the cross to show how much Jesus really did suffer. It is improper, I know. But it is probably a tradition that can no longer be changed. If it bothers you so much, you could try to ask someone the history behind it. This is all I can say to your disappointment.

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