No Name Calling Week on January, 2025: Registered namecall name question.?

No Name Calling Week 2025.

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Registered name/call name question...?

???? The breeder cant hold you to that, if you dont want to! The only thing required is that the name contain less than 30 characters and the name of breeders business has to be in it somewhere. I got my shepherd from "Solace Shilohs" His name is Jet, but his registered name is "Donovan's Majestic Jet of Solace" Donovan is my last name, majestic because he is majestic and Jet from the 7 hour flight he had to suffer through as an 8 week old pup.

What name should I call my 8 week old maltipoo?

What name should I call my 8 week old maltipoo?

Precious: a classic name for a little girl dog. :)

Another little fuzzy dog name can be Meme (pronounced Me Me)

Female kitten names?

Female kitten names?

Called my two girls Tabitha and Matilda. When I was born, my parents had a tortoiseshell called Flossie. Don't know how they dreamed up that name!

Would suggest your little one, who sounds a pretty little girl, should stay with her Mum until at least 8 weeks old. You may have problems with suckling and the litter tray else, as Mum cat won't have had much chance to teach her.

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