National Soccer Coaches of America Week on January, 2025: america, do you like david beckham? doyou know who david beckham is?

National Soccer Coaches of America Week 2025.

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america, do you like david beckham? doyou know who david beckham is?

some info for americans on david beckam, a superstar

David Robert Joseph Beckham, OBE (born 2 May 1975) is an English professional footballer who currently plays for Real Madrid. Beckham was named as a member of Pelé's FIFA 100.[3] In addition to his success on the pitch, Beckham has been recognized by Time magazine as one of 2004's Time 100 (Heroes & Icons),[4] as well as an elite global advertising brand.[5]

Beckham is the fifth most capped English player of all time, has twice been the runner up in the FIFA World Player Of The Year Award in 1999 and 2001 and in addition to being the only Englishman to score in three different World Cups, is also only the ninth player in World Cup history to score twice from direct free kicks. He was captain of the English national team from 15 November 2000 to 2 July 2006.

Beckham's career began when he signed a professional contract with Manchester United, making his first first-team appearance in 1992, at the age of 17. While with Manchester United he played a key role in their dominance of the FA Premier League in the 1990s and early 2000s, being pivotal in accomplishing The Treble of the League, FA Cup, and UEFA Champions League in 1999. He left the club to become only the third Englishman to sign for Real Madrid in 2003, after Laurie Cunningham and Steve McManaman.

In 2006, after England's quarter-final exit at the World Cup in Germany, he stood down as captain and he was then succeeded by Chelsea captain John Terry. Beckham was dropped from the England national team selected by coach Steve McClaren on 11 August 2006.

On 10 January 2007 Real Madrid Sporting Director Predrag Mijatovic announced Beckham would leave the club in mid 2007. On 11 January 2007, Beckham agreed to a move to the Major League Soccer (MLS) team Los Angeles Galaxy on a five year contract beginning on 1 July 2007, after his current deal with Real Madrid expires.[6] Late Monday (15 January), after speculation in the UK and Spanish press on a possible early exit for Beckham from Real Madrid, MLS Commissioner Don Garber denied that his league was attempting to secure an early MLS debut for Beckham.[7]

Why hasn’t Freddy Adu been called up to the Senior National Squad yet?

Why hasn't Freddy Adu been called up to the Senior National Squad yet?

Why? Because USSF (US Soccer Fed.) is run by idiots starting from the top down. Instead of hiring the great Jurgunn Klinnsman to replace Bruce Arena, who did they get? Former Chivas USA coach Bob Bradley. I like MLS, but come on... the USSF could have done much better. And instead of sending their best players to Copa America, they send **** over and get embarrassed. US (U-20, U-17) squads have never been short of talent, but young players are often left out so that older, less talented players can play. The incompetence of USSF frustrates me more than you.

Why was Mexico’s National Team such a poor sport about losing to the US?

Why was Mexico's National Team such a poor sport about losing to the US?

Wait until Copa America and Copa Oro to see the real Mexican Team. Mexico is the U-17 World Champions. The top talent will be ready for next WC in S. Africa.

Did you watch the game?? Mexico dominated futbolistically. USA won with lucky breaks. Mexico still dominated. How classy is the US team. Did you see Landon the European reject, taunting after he got a lucky bounce from the ref on the second goal. Americans are hated around the world. Its not because of race, everyone hates the US because of their arrogance. How far did the US make it in the WC2006 Germany??? And how far did Mexico make it?? Check Mexico's record vs BRAZIL, ARGENTINA. Teams that matter. Remmember the US has several weeks practicing and the Mexican team has about 3 days of practice.

How does it it feel getting owned by Mexico in The World Baseball Classic. Latinos are better than you in your own sport. get a new sport. Nuff Said!

Why can Latinos learn 2-3 languages and american whites can berely learn one. A la verga contigo pinche guero hijo de puta. VIVA MEXICO! MEXICO also kicks the sh!t out of american boxers!!!

All you racist idiots need to get out of you trailer parks and actually travel to MEXICO before you comment on it. How can you comment on somewhere you have never been. Get some education and maybe you would have money to spend and travel, instead of wasting your time on your racist rants.

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