Sundance Film Festival on January, 2025: Sundance Film Festival movie?

Sundance Film Festival 2025.

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Sundance Film Festival movie?

Sundance is a Film Festival that accepts entries from independent film makers.

Audition for and do as many independent films as possible - and hopefully, you'll be in one that gets selected by the prestigious film festival.

A lot of indy films post their audition notices on Craig's list or other sites like ActorsAccess. You can also check out your state's film office to see if there are audition notices listed there.

When you audition for indy films you might want to ask to see a sample of their work - to make sure you're going to be spending your time wisely - if you're cast. Anyone can call themselves a film-maker and make a movie, but so many have no skill or talent. If you're going to do a student film or indy film, you want to make sure (as much as you can) that the project you're going to be working on (probably for free or very little money) will turn out well.

If they seem very disorganized during the auditions - as much as you'll want to give them the benefit of the doubt - they're going to be no different when they're filming. They'll just waste a lot of your time. I've seen it happen so many times.

Best of luck! There are a lot of other film festivals, besides Sundance, that films can compete in. Sundance is probably just the most well-known.

Sundance Film Festival?

Sundance Film Festival?

Well you have plenty of time to ponder it (since it's not even summer yet and the next one isn't until Jan 09) but I've gone many times and here are my observations as they relate to your questions:

Overall -- if you've planned well and go with some friends (or are just extraordinarily friendly), it can be a very, very fun time. There are movies playing around the clock from every possible genre and as the other poster mentioned, many of them are free (granted, these are usually films from one of the seemingly countless "other Dance" festivals like Slamdance, TromaDance, NoDance) and then there are the parties...every night the masses pile up in front of Harry-O's on Main Street trying to getting into the big corporate concerts (past gigs have included The Cult, Sammy Hagar, 50 Cent) or one of the many, many smaller clubs or even house parties. If you can still manage to get up in the morning and it's a good ski year, there are plenty of award-winning slopes to hit.

Tickets to legit Sundance films are usually around 10-20 bucks and although almost all of the screenings are technically sold out in advance, you can usually go stand by and get tickets 10 min or so before showtime.

Essentially this little indie dream of Redfords has become a bit of a corporate whore -- with big money sponsors and all the crass commercialism of Hollywood...but...with some truly amazing films. If you are a pure film lover, you can bypass all the other hoopala and just emerse yourself in indie films until you cannot stay awake.

I've had some amazing times out there and it has been far too long since my last trip (2001). If nothing else, you should go at least once. It's a blast.

anyone ever been to the sundance film festival?

anyone ever been to the sundance film festival?

Sundance is a great time for people who love film, and for people who love to see famous people. There seem to be more people who like to "star watch" than watch films - but most people of the famous persuasion are gracious enough to take it all in stride in Park City (so long as you are polite.) This weekend I sat 3 seats down from Quentin Tarantino & Sandra Oh at a screening. Saw Dennis Quaid, Jared Leto, Sarah Jessica Parker, Damian Lewis, Bono, Woody Harrelson, Crispin Glover, and many more. Most of the premiers have some of the main cast members present - and they stick around for Q&A after the screening... so that's a way to see the stars. Now, some of the films are really great visions that can be shared with more than just the artist. Sadly, many of the films are visions lost in the choas of the writers and directors minds - muddled by poor acting and editing and low budgets. Great (excellent) stories dying to be told. You go in with expectations and out disappointed. But that's the experience these folks need -- and soon they'll have that ability to streamine and get out what they want so WE can see it, too. On the flip side, most documentaries are not that way -- those are killer. I think these folks get a giant bug up their butts and have a FIRE to inform. So, as far as SFF -- you can get around easily with their free bus system. Staying in town can be extremely expensive, so if going with a friend, you can save big $$ by staying in Salt Lake City and driving the 30 minutes into Park City every day and paying $15 to park. Even with a car rental and eating out, it's way cheaper. Getting tickets - try to buy in advance as many as you can, but waitlisting is a great option if you have more than a couple of days. It can be a bit timeconsuming - but if you get on queue early, you can get tickets to your most wanted shows most likely (not always, but probably 75% of the time or more) If you get in, then you only pay face value for your ticket - $10. This last weekend was great weather. It didn't start to snow until after 11pm on Sunday night, but you do still need to dress warmly as you'll spend a great deal of time in and out, in and out. I'm a local and I was still cold at times! Download the Sundance guide for official rules about the SFF.

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