National Medical Group Practice Week on January, 2025: Does anyone know an international volunteer group, like the Peace Corps

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Does anyone know an international volunteer group, like the Peace Corps

If you use YA's advanced search option for the words "Peace Corps" you'll get some sponsored links. Many will expect you (or your friends and neighbors) to bear some or all of the cost.

The Peace Corps gives you three months of training. You'll learn your host country's language, history, religion(s) and culture, plus get some vocational training. (I learned Malay, Iban and Hokkien, then practice taught for six weeks, under the supervision of a master teacher, for instance.) They provide dental and medical care, a living allowance and some after-service placement counsling. They pay for your air fare over and back. It would not be cost-effective to do all that for someone who stayed on the job for a couple of weeks.

If you want to pay your own way, provide your own medical / dental insurance and already speak the language, there are a number of organizations that will place you for as little as a week. Some people take two-week "working" vacations as volunteers and have a ball. Some don't even require you to speak the language. (Not a problem if you volunteer inside the USA).

Here are two:

(Based in the UK, takes volunteers from anywhere, has a six-month "programme" for people 18 - 25) I knew VSO volunteers when I was in the Peace Corps 30 years ago. They are a solid, well-known organization.

Student Conservation Association

My daughter spent a summer with them. You pay for your food and air fare, they loan you a tent. You spend 4-6 weeks doing manual labor in a national park in the USA with a great bunch of other kids. They will take volunteers as young as 16.

Here are some others have mentioned. I know nothing else about them:

This is the a long but comprhensive page about volunteering.

It has a list of reputable organizations, but you should read

the advice, too:

You didn't ask, but those 27 months in the Peace Corps may be the high point of your life. You'll certainly be seeing the world in a new light, smelling new smells, eating new foods, meeting new people. They fly by. At 22, looking forward, they seem like a long time. At 60, looking back, they don't.

what are some technical factors of the NHSBT?

what are some technical factors of the NHSBT?

New Tissue Banking Book Published

A new book on Cell and Tissue Donation, co-edited by Tissue Service’s own Ruth Warwick, has been released. The book focuses on the donation-related aspects of tissue banking, which are often neglected in more technically orientated publications. Entitled ’Tissue and Cell Donation: An Essential Guide’, the book is published by Wiley-Blackwell, priced at £59.99 and is available from selected bookshops.

Tissue Bank Staff Awarded NVQs

Twenty members of staff from Tissue Services Liverpool are celebrating after gaining an NVQ Level 2 qualification in Performing Manufacturing Operations. Clive Ronaldson, Director of Patient Services for NHSBT, presented staff with certificates during a special awards ceremony held in Liverpool on 7 July. Helen Gillan, Head of Operations for Tissue Services, who has herself been awarded an NVQ Level 5 in Management, put forward the qualification to staff during earlier induction sessions. The 12-week course was specifically chosen due to the relevance of the topics covered to the work of Tissue Services. Tissue Services Staff in Leeds and Edgware will shortly be starting the course and it is expected that by October this year, all Tissue Services assistant and technician level staff will have successfully completed the qualification. Speaking after the presentation, Helen Gillan commented: "This is a great achievement especially as they are the first group within NHSBT to have completed this qualification. I believe it’s important to invest in my staff and felt this was an ideal opportunity for them to take that vital first step in their careers."

High Acclaim for Theatre Staff

Theatre Staff at the Queens Hospital in Burton on Trent have been given their hospital’s ’Team of the Year’ award for their voluntary participation in Tissue Service’s live bone donation program. This program is vital to ensure that sufficient bone graft is donated to meet the requirements of UK surgeons, especially for use in hip revision surgery. It relies to a great extent on the voluntary participation of nurses and surgeons across the country. The team at Queens Hospital is especially noteworthy, as Tissue Service’s Katie McKenna explains: ’In most hospitals, pre-op staff will deal with management of consent from donors for hip replacement. The thetre staff at the Queens Hospital have taken on this responsibility, as well as the responsibility for ensuring the grafts are collected, ensuring that as many grafts as possible are donated. They throroughly deserve recognition for all their hard work’.

Eurotransplant International Foundation (ET) – Project Leader

The Eurotransplant International Foundation is responsible for the mediation and allocation of organ donation procedures in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Slovenia. The Eurotransplant region numbers well over 124 million inhabitants. Eurotransplant has well defined quality standards and practices. Important aspects of Eurotransplant's quality system involve the Eurotransplant Reference Laboratory and the audit system for evaluating the High Urgent status of patients on the waiting list. Specific objectives of the organization are:

•to achieve an optimal use of available donor organs and tissues;

•to secure a transparent and objective selection system, based upon medical criteria;

•to assess the importance of factors which have the greatest influence on waiting list mortality and transplant results;

•to support donor procurement to increase the supply of donor organs and tissues;

•to further improve the results of transplantation through scientific research and to publish and present these results;

•the promotion, support and coordination of organ donation and transplantation in the broadest sense of the term.

ET is responsible for the overall leadership and management of the project, together with the internal evaluation of the project activities.

• Pathogen reduction is achieved

during processing by treatment with

an antibiotic cocktail. Skin quality

assessed by highly trained Tissue

Services staff.

• Uniform product presentation with

minimal variation.

• There are no reported cases of this

graft supplied by Tissue Services

causing patient harm.

Product code T0100

Should wages & benefits of re-employed workers be cut?

Should wages & benefits of re-employed workers be cut?

It's a normal practice everywhere.

Also on this date Wednesday, January 1, 2025...