Silent Record Week on January, 2025: Can anyone give me advice about a silent retreat?

Silent Record Week 2025. This week at Juno be one record with which

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Can anyone give me advice about a silent retreat?

Do you practice a particular silent retreat, and what lineage?

If you just want silent, then you must decide how silent do you want; if you read then you are not silent enough. This is assuming you are not practicing any special purpose retreat, other than that you feel you need some quiet time.

If it is related to a special retreat practice, then ask your Lama what is appropriate, or may be ask the retreat master how best to accomplish your goal.

Cigarette is considered as a harmful drug, therefore breaking one of the five percepts- No Alcohol or addictive drugs, and Vajrayana Buddhism strictly prohibit smoking, with a Tantra text stating how bad you can be with cigarette smoking. It is said it was the entrails of the female Mara, who was defeated by Shakyamuni Buddha shortly his Enlightenment, to corrupt the future students of Buddhism.

Can someone tell me in detail what happened on 24 this week?

Can someone tell me in detail what happened on 24 this week?

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Originally aired: Monday May 1, 2006 on FOX

Writer: Michael Loceff, Joel Surnow

Director: Dwight Little

Show Stars: Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe O'Brian), Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer), Jean Smart (Martha Logan), James Morrison (Bill Buchanan), Gregory Itzin (Charles Logan)

Recurring Role: Jude Ciccolella (Mike Novick)

Guest Stars: Aleksandra Kaniak (European Woman) , Lissa Pallo (Woman at Bar) , Keith Pillow (Passenger #2) , Perry Kelly (Passenger #1) , Aaron MacPherson (HS Field Agent) , Philip Lester (Attendant Dan) , Tracy Howe (Agent Adams) , David Batiste (Ed) , Stephanie Erb (Flight Attendant) , Blake Robbins (Ross) , Andrew Hawkes (Scott Evans) , Kirk B.R. Woller (Hans Meyer) , Richard Gilliland (Stan Cotter) , Kirk Acevedo (George Avila) , Stephen Spinella (Miles Papazian) , Paul McCrane (Graham) , Jayne Atkinson (Karen Hayes)

Production Code: 5AFF20

Hayes calls Bill to make sure Chloe has gotten away. Bill tells Hayes of Jack’s efforts to board the diplomatic flight and retrieve the recording from Henderson’s confederate. Hayes tells Miles to set up the remote debrief of Chloe in the situation room.

Bill sends Chloe out the back way and tells her to go to a plush hotel nearby. When the team shows up, Bill ruffles his appearance and denies that Chloe was ever there. Hayes orders the team to bring Bill in to CTU for questioning. This confuses Miles, who believes they would be more effective interrogating Bill in his home.

Chloe enters the hotel bar and tries to be inconspicuous as she sets up her computer. She asks Hayes to put the flight manifest in a place where she can access it. Chloe calls Jack and tells him that it will take a few minutes to cross check all names on the passenger list against Henderson. Jack asks Chloe to get him the seat number of the air marshal. Once he has it, he moves through the plane and sits next to the marshal. After distracting his attention, Jack knocks him out and takes his gun.

Chloe calls Jack and gives him the name of the man who matched up against Henderson, Hans Meyer. Jack goes to the man and tells him that he needs to identify an item that they found belonging to him. As they head back toward the galley, Jack slugs him and drags him into the baggage compartment.

Martha asks the Secret Service guarding her to get her more meds. When he refuses, Martha calls Mike to come over. She asks him to get them for her, but he wants to know what it troubling her. Martha says she just wants something to calm her down, but Mike is suspicious.

Graham calls Logan for an update, but Logan says they still haven’t found Jack. Mike tells Logan of Martha’s request for more meds. Mike demands to know what’s going on if it involves national security. Logan tells Mike that he and Martha are just having personal problems with their marriage, and that they both realize that it is just a façade that will have to be continued for the duration of his presidency. Logan refuses her the pills at first, but then tells Mike to go ahead and get them for her.

Jack searches Meyer, but can’t find the recording. Meyer denies that he has any such recording, so Jack makes him search through his bags for it.

A drunk starts bothering Chloe as she continues to work, but she brushes him off.

The plane hits some turbulence as the captain orders all passengers to their seats. They notice Meyer’s seat is empty and the air marshal has been attacked. The captain orders his copilot to call in and get a route for an emergency return to L.A.

Mike brings Martha more meds. He tells her that he knows both she and her husband are covering something up. He tries to get her to open up, but she stays silent.

Jack searches Meyer’s bag, but doesn’t find the recording. Chloe calls jack and tells him that Meyer can’t be the guy, because he was clearing himself through customs at the time that Henderson passed off the recording. The plane starts to turn around and Jack knows he’s been discovered. The air marshal knows they are hiding in the baggage compartment and orders the captain to depressurize the baggage room. As the air begins to thin, Jack calls Chloe and tells her to patch him through to the pilot.

The drunk starts bugging Chloe again as she works. She invites him to sit down, then stuns him with a tasar as Hayes opens a line for Jack.

Jack talks to the captain and tells him that he’s a federal agent and that there is a dangerous man on board. The captain refuses to restore air pressure to the baggage area. Jack breeches the altitude controls and causes the plane to dive. He orders the captain to restore air pressure, or he’ll crash the plane. A flight attendant opens the hatch and Jack locks the air marshal in the baggage hold. He then pulls his gun on the passengers and orders them all to stay seated. Jack calls the captain and orders him to stay in a holding pattern so he can search all of the passengers, but the captain refuses and says he’ll land the plane when they arrive at the airport.

Logan calls Graham and tells him that jack has hijacked the plane. Graham tells Logan to order the plane grounded and to grab Bauer before he can release the recording.

Chloe updates Hayes on the hijacking. Miles tries to get answers out of Bill as he is brought in. “You have no idea what you’re dealing with you little ass-kisser,” Bill growls at Hayes orders him to be taken to a holding room. Miles calls Mike and questions the choices that Hayes is making in dealing with Bill’s interrogation. Mike says he doesn’t want to second guess her because it’s a sensitive situation and they’re dealing with one of their own.

Hayes disables the monitoring equipment in the holding room. She tells Bill that she will continue to help Jack, but until she sees the evidence against Logan, she’ll remain skeptical. Logan calls Hayes and orders her to tell the pilot to land the plane irregardless of any threats that Jack is making. Logan wants Jack brought in dead or alive and will have his own Secret Service detail do it once the plane is grounded. Bill tells Hayes that they have to buy Jack more time so he can find the recording, but Hayes doesn’t have the authority to keep the plane from landing.

The drunk starts to wake up, so Chloe nails him again with the tasar. She discovers that the copilot was replaced at the last minute by a new man. Chloe calls Jack and tells him that the copilot must be the guy because he used to fly for Henderson’s company.

Jack calls the captain privately and tells him that the copilot is the man, but the captain doesn’t want to hear it. The captain hangs up and asks the copilot why he was replaced at the last minute. The answer he gets is vague. The captain fakes a cramp in his leg so the copilot will take the controls. The captain goes to let Jack into the cockpit. The copilot knocks him out, but Jack is inside. Jack forces the copilot to hand over the recording, then orders him to land the plane. He calls Chloe and tells her to advise CTU that he has the recording.

Martha calls Logan and appears to be over-dosing on her meds. He has no patience for her babble and hangs up on her. Graham calls Logan and tells him that Bauer is in control of the plane and has the recording. He tells Logan that he’ll have to shoot down the plane so the evidence will be destroyed.

transition from silent films?

transition from silent films?

Basically, they had to have a reel for the visual and a reel for the audio; whereas today it is all on the same reel.

Originally movie theaters had a PHONOGRAPH player to play to the reel of film- so if there were skips in the film or the acetate record; then that would mess up all the syncronization and they would have to start the film and record all over again-- there was no way to go back to scene 3:02:43; kind of thing like we can do so accurately now.

Then the actors-- the silent film actors such as Rudolph Valentino, Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo were all tested in audio to find they had AWFUL speaking voice. Valention and Garbo had such thick eastern European accents that they could not be understood and spoke very little English! Some were able to transition very well - stage actors were brought into the film business- John Barrymore, Ethyl Barrymore, Vivien Leigh, Laurence Olivier- they all did silent films too; but started on the stage in front of live audiences and had great speaking voices to name only a few.

The musical movie "Singing In The Rain" depict the transition from silent to 'talkies" very well and historically accurate.

New talkies were all in black and white film- color had yet to be invented. When it did come around it was actually HAND PAINTED in each frame- a 1 hour movie has about 1200 frames!

Opportunities with audio ranged from hiring sound technicians, a "boom man"- someone that had an overhanging microphone that is NOT seen in the frame of the film. Sound editors came about when the boom microphone also was combined with post production ADDITION to films. After the director shoots the whole film - even to the present day- the actors ALL have to come back for post production to STILL DO THEIR VOICE OVER their original work.

Great films to display this technique are 1) Meryl Streep has to come back and forth to do her voice overs in the film "Postcards From The Edge" because her character was high during the original filming and her speech was slurred 2)Natalie Wood in "Inside Daisy Clover " (had Robert Redford in it too)- but Wood's character is seen doing the voice overs and she goes into a psychotic episode or something.

So there is a huge sound cast due to the fact that now there is sound in films- so it created about 30 or more jobs right there. Then the additon of a movie soundtrack- of having songs during key parts of a movie- sometimes they hire a composer to write the whole background music and then add some contemporary songs in post production. And this takes months - they pre 3produce the film- about 3 weeks to 3 months; then the actual filming is about 3 months to 3 years- then the post production- where they edit, recut, add, subtract all kinds of things- even reshoot parts of the film- and that is about 3 months to 1 year.

It is amazing to realize that they used to make about 200 films a year in Hollywood in the 1930s to 1940s; compared to now it is about 30 films. I just watched a biography of Myrna Loy- she made 212 films in her 40 year film career. Even Paul Newman- RIP; started in films in 1952 thru 2006 and only made 28 films!

Problems today are mostly financial. Back in silent film era- Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton would do all their stunts, writing, editing and churn out about 20 films a year. Mary Pickford was one of the first actors EVER to start her own production company with Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. when those like Bette Davis, Cary Grant and such did not have the same courage to separate from the big studio bosses and forge their own company and film studio- which was United Artists- it was sold after Fairbanks and Pickford divorced each other; but United Artists is still around today- just fired Tom Cruise a few years ago due to his hijinks; but is owned by some German corporation. There really are no American owned film studios in Hollywood, CA America today... Miramax is the only big "indie" film company that also owns its own film studio lot. MGM, Universal Studio, Fox studios are all owned by foriegn corporations- and production companies like DreamWorks and such SUB LEASE offices on the studio lots.

Also- talkies brought in MUSICAL productions which were an American creation that were the hottest films in the world from 1930s to 1960s then stopped and picked up again in the early 2000s with Moulin Rouge and Chicago - which actually were remakes of earlier films. The only original musical of recent days on film are John Waters' films- the originals were indie and now they remade them as major studio films- Hairspray and still to do more of his films on film and Broadway. Not much original stuff is out there now.

Most is taken from earlier film or some Broadway theater musical or drama (which they also did thru out film history too)

Most musical stars want to become drama stars; and most drama stars want to become rock stars ..

Back in the early talkie days you had to be able to act, sing, A

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