Couple Appreciation Month on April, 2025: What can I do for my husband to show appreciation?

April, 2025 is Couple Appreciation Month 2025. 2010 April couples appreciation

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Couple Appreciation Month

Are you currently single? Do public shows of love from loving couples cause you to feel a little bit nauseous? Are you finding Love Day to become a completely depressing experience, every year? Well, the good thing is, Couple Appreciation Month is here now to provide another quick slap hard.In reality, we frequently take our partners as a given and end up forgetting to inform them just how much they mean to all of us. For individuals individuals a committed relationship, the month provides an opportunity to show a special someone just how special they're for you, and also to demonstrate your appreciation on their behalf.So why wouldn't you reserve a while this month to visit that one step further? Make a move nice together, shower one another with gifts, choose nice romantic foods and usually find as numerous ways as possible to create your single buddies seem like inferior people.

What can I do for my husband to show appreciation?

I just want to weigh in and completely disagree with John Hightowers response. I've NEVER been to tired for a little lovin'.

Just a couple of months ago, I was working approx 100 hrs a week.We normally only work 40 hrs a week. I did this for over a month.

I'm almost 40 years old, and when we had the chance, I was sacrificing sleep for some good lovin'. LOL

So don't let what Hightower said deter you from attempting to "thank" your husband for his hard work and sacrifice.

I'm sure if you have on a little sexy something and have some candles going, he's not gonna turn you down

Good luck

i smoked weed 2 months ago can i still be a cop.?

i smoked weed 2 months ago can i still be a cop.?

While I don't know the specifics of your police academy, I can attest for top secret government clearance, which is actually more rigorous than police background checks.

A friend of mine admitted to smoking pot while in college (he is a recent graduate) in his information packet for the clearance. The Department of Homeland Defense accepted this and he now works for them. The Department of Treasury told him that it must be at least five years since the incident and asked him to reapply after that time lapse.

There are some agencies that will not hire you if you have ever smoked pot (I believe the FBI and CIA are among those). However, so many people have experimented with drugs at some point, agencies are becoming more lenient.

Depending on what police department you're considering, the policies will be determined by that state or city.

Here are my suggestions:

1) Call the police station and ask what their hiring policies are. If you're nervous about it, go to a friend's house and make an anonymous call. Then you don't have to wonder anymore.

2) DON'T FREAKING LIE TO THEM ABOUT IT. If they tell you that they have a no-tolerance policy, don't apply for the position. Most police positions require a lie detector test and they WILL ask you about every single thing you wrote on your application, from your name to the color of your underwear. You will get caught and that could lead to further legal repercussions.

3) Wait at least another couple of months. Pot stays in your system for at least three months and stays in your hair longer even longer.

4) Consider another line of work. If you were smoking pot so recently, it seems like you don't have the appreciation for the law needed to be a cop. I'm not saying that I think pot is a bad thing or that I think it should be legal or illegal. But as a cop, you will be expected to enforce all laws, no matter how stupid you think they are. In fact, you'll probably have to bust other people for smoking pot, even if you did so yourself. Is that something you really want to do?

Couple questions about my wedding.?

Couple questions about my wedding.?

!. You don't have to include all of them. If you want them a part of it, give them a reading to do. Otherwise, it's your wedding.

2. For the sake of ease, I would go to a catering hall--they have everything for you. Since you are planning in such a short amount of time, you might even be able to get a deal so long as you are flexible with your date and don't have ONE particular date in mind that you won't budget from. Catering halls are looking to filll up slots, so they oftentimes lower their prices for couples in order to do that.

* Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. When planning my wedding, I found everything to be negotiable--you just have to ask. You'd be surprised at how much vendors are willing to discount.

* DIY--you can save lots of money by going the do-it-yourself route. Invites can be made for little to no money this way.

* Don't overdo it on the favors--people usually throw it out. So, give something small as a token of appreciation--a small box of candy or a few Hershey's kisses in organza bags are great and economical.

* Make e-bay your friend. You can buy tons of stuff on e-bay at a very low price.

* Go to sample sales. You can get not only your dress, but your bridesmaid's dresses at sales. My friend got Vera Wang bridesmaid dresses each at $25 at a sample sale.

* Reduce your guest list. The more people you have, the more money you'll spend.

* Consider the time of the year and the date and time of your wedding. Off season is less expensive than the May-September period. Friday night and Sunday weddings are too, as well as, day time weddings.

* Choose flowers that are in season. Roses are always inexpensive, but don't look for something exotic because that will cost tons of money. You can also try to find a wholesaler and do your own bouquets.

* Lastly...breathe and enjoy the time because it goes by fast!


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