Amateur Radio Month on April, 2024: Ham Radio License? How to Start?

April, 2024 is Amateur Radio Month 2024. How To Ham Radio‎ Search for How To Ham Radio Look Up Quick Results Now!

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Ham Radio License? How to Start?

Get in-touch with the ARRL ( Amateur Radio Relay League) they will help you get started getting your license ( Level 1: Technician ) and receiving all the paper work for working in a foreign land.

As for just having a receiver for listening to, no license is required at least not in the states, maybe in foreign lands, though?

As for just a portable short wave receiver, Sony, Sangean, and a few others are good. But to receive VHF, UHF aircraft, public serivce (police, fire ect.) you will need a good scanner. Also check out portable amateur transceivers from Kenwood,Yaesu and Icom they have models that cover Shortwave plus VHF and UHF amateur bands.

Here are a few links:

Add-on : Putting an antenna on the roof is a good idea, aways higher is better. A good discone antenna from AES or Radio Shack is a good one for the scanner and a multi-trapped dipole for the amateur low bands would be great. Ask the sales personal at AES for help on your situation.

I’m thinking about subscribing to Sirius satellite radio, is it worth it?

I'm thinking about subscribing to Sirius satellite radio, is it worth it?

I bought the lifetime subscription almost 5 years ago for $500, totally worth it, when I have to listen to FM/AM radio i want to go totally mad. Sirius has several awesome radio channels that plays new music months before it hit FM radio, and the talk is unbeatable.

Electronics project - Radio Frequency?

Electronics project - Radio Frequency?

Some of the more expensive amateur radio tranceivers will do that out-of-the-box. Of course, you would need an amateur radio license to transmit with one.

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