Garden Month on April, 2024: What month do people start there vegetable gardens?

April, 2024 is Garden Month 2024. April is National Garden Month. Join the celebration with these tips! as National Garden Month

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Garden Month

April is really a month for gardening – Garden Month encourages for planting, growing, and investing time developing a beautiful, healthy and productive atmosphere. Gardening and growing plants will work for you, encouraging relaxation, cooperation, and a feeling of achievement.

What month do people start there vegetable gardens?

I'm in a zone 4 area in north Idaho.

Just as soon as I can get into the garden in the spring I plant all the seeds that can take a little cold and frost: Peas, carrots, onions, garlic if I didn't do so last fall, radish, lots of others can take a little frost.

The key to look for is the seed/bulb instructions will say plant early/ as soon as soil can be worked/ while still cool etc. And will not say "after danger of frost" or something similar.

Long germinating seeds that are sensitive to frost, like cuke or squash vines, I will plant and might cover, in early June. Everything else goes in by mid-june.

What happens if I eat nothing but garden salad for a month?

What happens if I eat nothing but garden salad for a month?

Like someone else said, it all depends what you put on the salad. You can make salads pretty much as low as 30 calories and get them up to 1700+ if you want.

However, as someone recovering from anorexia, I can tell you that if you ate a plain garden salad with fat-free dressing for a month (and nothing else), you would most likely lose quite a bit of weight. And it would NOT be healthy...and it is NOT something you want to test out or experiment with. Depending on your current weight, you could lose anywhere from 5-20 pounds.

If you would like to lose weight, do it the healthy and balanced way. I would give anything to go back and do it all over again.

If you want to incorporate a healthy salad in as one of your meals, make sure that it has a protein source (chicken, tofu, steak, etc), lots of healthy veggies, and a low-fat (not fat-free dressing/vinaigrette). You should also think about adding toppings like cheese/black beans/artichoke/boiled egg/etc.

Salads can really be part of a healthy diet, but they offer little nutritional value if not made "right"

Can our Akita puppy live in our Yard/Garden (6 Months old)?

Can our Akita puppy live in our Yard/Garden (6 Months old)?

Dogs should live inside with the rest of the family, not outside. They are pack animals who see their human family as their "pack" and it's cruel to isolate them in the yard.

Akitas are very dominant, high-energy dogs that need experienced handling; they are a poor choice for first-time dog owners. They also have very high prey drives and might not be trustworthy around small animals even if raised with them. A six-month-old Akita pup is more than capable of killing a rabbit.

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