Library Snapshot Month on April, 2023: i want to make a "photo book" but use greeting cards?

April, 2023 is Library Snapshot Month 2023. Snapshot Day: A Day in the Life of Ohio Libraries Library Snapshot Day 2012

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i want to make a "photo book" but use greeting cards?

You can probably go somewhere like Staples or maybe your local public library to get the stuff scanned, and then you can go to and design it yourself with ease. The software is pretty straight-forward.

I’m Homeless And Pregnant In Oregon, Any Advice?

I'm Homeless And Pregnant In Oregon, Any Advice?

Here are a couple of links that might help,at least a good place to start! Good luck hun.

Homelessness Resource Center - Resource Community Snapshot ...

... released Community Snapshot: Portland, Oregon ... focus on discharge planning, outreach, prevention, and permanent housing, homelessness ... Homelessness Resource Center Library ...

EDIT: I agree with William, the economy is not what it should be. There are more and more people having to go "on the system: even people who have worked for 15 years, and own their own home. How dare you ream this young woman, I am sure she knows she is in for a long rough road and that these charities are only temporary solutions, a starting point,so to speak. Do you not understand that sometimes in life a person needs a hand up (not a hand out) All this woman asked was for info, if you could not be kind enough to point her in the right direction, you should not have posted a comment, I am SO sure your are the most godliest person in the world right, never sinned, never needed help from some one,right.

good online photography school?

good online photography school?

New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) has a decent home study course. has online lessons. Photography is a thing that lends itself well to self-study, particularly if you can find a mentor to give you some feedback in a knowledgeable and helpful way. So you might pay a visit to the library or bookstore for a book on basic photography and composition. There are lots of sites with tutorials for beginners. Here are a few I like:

There are a few entry level dSLR cameras in your price range. Nikon and Canon are two, but Pentax, Olympus and Sony also have some good models. I would suggest a visit to a store, a camera store if possible, but anywhere that carries a few models will be fine, and hold them for yourself. See how they fit your hand, and if the controls seem to be in the right place for you. I like the way Nikons feel, but you may prefer Canon or another. Any of them would be fine for a beginner, and they will all come with a "kit" lens, usually a zoom, which will be just fine to start. As you advance you will probably want a better lens, and one of the best is the 50mm standard lens that used to be what most photographers used when learning. On a consumer dSLR it makes a very fine portrait lens and sells for around $100. You will be able to get the "bokeh" everyone talks about, and the wide aperture is good for low light.

If you are really short on money, sells very good used equipment, is honest and reliable, and has a good return policy. Or you might check your local pawn shops and craigslist.

Now the chiding portion of my reply.

I saw your other question. I am sure you have some cute shots of your baby, although they have disappeared from Photobucket and I didn't get to see them. I am also fairly confident, even without seeing them, that they were very likely typical beginnerish snapshots with exposure, composition and quality issues that are common in beginner's work when they use a P&S camera on auto. Friends and family are not a good source for critique unless they are both very knowledgeable and not afraid to be truthful and perhaps hurt your feelings. There is nothing wrong with snapshots. I have grandchildren and take tons of snapshots myself, sometimes even on program mode. By your own admission, you are a newbie with almost zero knowledge of the craft of photography. It is just fine for you to practice (for free or cost) on your friends and family, and I encourage you to do so. But please understand you are some time away from charging people for your services. So that extra cash you are thinking of is somewhere in the future and probably not any time soon. It takes a while to study and build up skills necessary to get professional level or near results. Otherwise you will just be one of myriads of new camera owners who are trying to set up in the photography business thinking it's a quick way to make some easy bucks. Most of these people fail, because of lack of skill and business acumen. Also it will be extremely limiting to do only newborns at any experience level unless you are famous and in high demand. Most photographers cannot market themselves so narrowly, especially if you are out in the country and not in a densely populated area. So unless there is a baby boom in your area, there won't be too many newborns for a client base.

I am not saying this to discourage you. Indeed, you may be a prodigy in photography and have produced amazing work straight from the starting gate. Even so, there are technical things to learn to be able to get the result you envision every time. Taking a class, whether online or in a brick and mortar classroom, is a great first step. I think you will enjoy it, and it will certainly help you capture those memories of your own children. After a period of time, you may also enjoy photography as a source of side income. But do not rush into things you are not ready for. In the long run, you and your work will be better for it. Best wishes, and congratulations on your new baby.

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