National Donate Life Month on April, 2025: want to donate organ now!?

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want to donate organ now!?

A. No, it is not legally OK for the doctors to end your life so you can give up your organs.

B. If you shoot yourself and make it known that you want your organs to be donated ahead of time, then yes, they would be able to use them for transplant.

Whether or not your sister would be able to receive your liver would depend on a lot of factors. First of all, does she need a transplant and has she been evaluated for a transplant at a center? Is she currently on the national waited list to receive an organ? If you answer no to any of these, then the answer is no, she could not receive your liver for herself. If you killed yourself, it would go to someone else.

If she is on a waiting list and you are telling the truth about dying, then you should talk to her transplant doctors about donating to her either as a live donor now or make plans to give her the liver when you pass on. I'm almost sure they would never allow you to donate to her now because your life would be at risk and you are too sick. Even if you are going to die, it is against the law to take a life for organs and the doctors know you are very sick and would not be able to survive such a serious surgery. The rule is that a donor has to be in excellent health in order to donate. As a live donor, you would give part of your liver to her. Your sister would also have to be a match to your liver by having the same blood type and body size. There is no guarantee that your organs would be healthy enough to donate to anyone unless you would have a lot of testing done. After a person dies that wants to donate organs, they use the ones that are viable for transplant.

What is the best animal charity to donate to per month?

What is the best animal charity to donate to per month?

Look in any national newspaper there is usually an appeal for an animal charity that looks after abused donkeys, bears and horses abroad that desperately need money to treat them and educate the people in how to look after the poor creatures.

The charities in this country are well subscribed to even if they do appeal for money.

What are the negative outcomes of donating a kidney to someone?

What are the negative outcomes of donating a kidney to someone?

There's really not any extremely serious long-term risks associated w/ living kidney donation. Here is information from the National Kidney Foundation:

"What are the long-term risks of donation?

You will have a scar from the donor operation- the size and location of the scar will depend on the type of operation you have."

"Some donors have reported long-term problems with pain, nerve damage, hernia or intestinal obstruction. These risks seem to be rare, but there are not currently any national statistics on the frequency of these problems.:

"In addition, people with one kidney may be at a greater risk of:

high blood pressure


Reduced kidney function"

Also, it does not keep women from becoming pregnant. Here is what the same site says:

"Pregnancy after donation is possible but is usually not recommended for at least six months after the surgery. Living donors should talk to their physician about pregnancy and have good pre-natal care"

There were no statements made for men vs. women when it comes to donating.

No, a person who donates a kidney does not have to go on dialysis.

I can't think of any negative outcomes. The donor is giving life to another person, so it all seems pretty positive to me. I'm a kidney/pancreas recipient, but did not have a living donor.

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