Straw Hat Month on April, 2025: Can straw hats give you receding hair line?

April, 2025 is Straw Hat Month 2025.

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Straw Hat Month

Some might state that it’s just a little in the year to consider a hay hat, that April can always see frequent rain (therefore, the term ‘April showers’), gusty home windows along with other weather not-suitable for towards the putting on of the hay hat. However, Straw Hat Month is non-optional, and doesn’t provide a monkey’s uncle concerning the weather.

Can straw hats give you receding hair line?

wearing any kind of hat can suffocate your scalp and retain sweat, thus causing your hair follicles to die over time. if you wear a hat every day all day it could be possible. hair genetics are gotten from the mother, so if your mom has good, full hair then you should be confident it the strength of your scalp too. maybe try wearing the hat less and shampooing and conditioning with hair care products designed to strengthen hair. if that doesn't work google Rogaine.

plenty of guys look badass bald; the rock, bruce willis, jason statham, vin diesel

Cowboy hats best for girls?

Cowboy hats best for girls?

A straw hat will be great. They work with any color really, as long as they aren't colored too far from a natural color. The one you've linked to will work great with most fun outfits. Straw hats though are best in the warmer months, and when it starts to get cold a lot of people switch to felt hats.

Either way, I think the hat you like would work great with brown boots. My friend bought one sorta like it not to long ago, except it had some neat turqouise on the head band. I found it here:

I need someone who knows about good quality hats?

I need someone who knows about good quality hats?

Read my review on hats. . . . .

To start off with, I need to tell everyone, this is NOT my 1st time to buy hats. I've worn hats since the 70's, owned 2 wide brim hats one in beige and one in burgundy Made in the USA for 4 years. It was my trademark. I own 2 dozen baseball hats, and about 15 other hats, made of wool, velour, leather, straw, etc. I know quality when I see one. All of them, nothing to complain about, including the handcrafted hat I bought from Ireland!

It could take me 20- 45mins., to find JUST THE PERFECT hat to buy, and for the price they're selling their hats, they better be better quality than Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom's, or Macy's or the wool hat I bought from Ireland. (I've already said that!) When they're on sale, you could find good quality hats, and that's WHEN I prefer to shop, sometimes that perfect hat, color, style & price is staring right @ you, and you'll know when you come face to face with one! These were handcrafted hats. Yes, I'm pretty good @ spotting that, too, since I am a vendor myself, doing only quality products by hand, a perfectionist! I was there about 20 mins.

Yes, I agreed with the reviewers, they greeted you with a smile. Two ladies working there @ that time. Two different types of personalities - but one seems to 'try to understand' their customers better by asking questions, but with short memory. Example, she showed me a knit hat, I told her: "I can't wear knits, they're static to my hair (blah, blah. . . ." A few minutes later she showed me another knit hat, different color. I told her: "remember? I can't wear knit hats. I like to tuck in my hair sometimes, they get bumpy on the back?" She was soft and nervous - she's just a college student, and getting minimum wage. . . I forgive her, I get nervous too, when my customers have been in my 'shop' for too long, and more are coming in and I can't serve them . . . they have questions . . . but I'm older now, too, so I'm more relaxed now! LOL The 1st lady, who was helping (me?) there were other customers, went away, but I was the only one STILL shopping . . .so the other girl was left to tend for me. Finally, I couldn't find a hat, I almost bought an umbrella (Gift Certificate from 10 months ago- waiting for the Year-End Sale I NEEDED to use that today!) when hubby decided to pick a hat - that looks like Hitler! No way, Jose! So, I looked around again . . . and all the hats I wanted didn't look well on me. I had on my hair down, today, but I told her: "this is the 1st time my hair had been down since 2000, and I usually put my hair up or braided to the side, etc. . . ." another reason why I'm so difficult finding just the PERFECT hat! I didn't want to repeat the same color I bought for $30 from San Diego Hat Co. that I had so many compliments on. It was almost the same hat Steven Tyler happened to be wearing the same times I was wearing mine from American Idol. I think he copied me! ;) He had feathers on, I had my trademark flowers on mine. (I didn't see hats with feathers here!)

So, how have I managed to have so many hats @ home, when it's taking me forever to find one in this cute little boutique? Beats me! BUT, I finally found just the right color, AND style . . . OK, I'll take this one!

(They weren't having a year-end sale, just the hats outside). They are well stocked!

When I took it out of the car, I started finding some 'flaws'. My $54 hat had flaws? But this is handcrafted by people in Portland. The person who made this hat, was 'not a perfectionist - like me!' Sorry, I'm being honest, here that's why I do these reviews, folks! Usually, you wear your underwear with the labels on the back. The hats, should have the labels on the back, too, right? Well, if I was making hats, that's where I'd stick the labels so the wearer can tell which is the sides, fronts & backs! The sweatband or ribbon band was folded up to the back too far (or was it the front?), so the people on my back aren't staring @ the 'flawed band! So, I have to take all the tucks out, refold the 2 ribbons (one black & one beige with black polka dots), then re-sew the label to the back (seam) which took me a total of 1 1/2hr. to accomplish. The hat holder also made a 'warp dent' on my cap. But never mind about that, it's more decent now!

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