Defeat Diabetes Month on April, 2024: unhealthy fat smoker headig for diabetes or a heart attack advice needed?

April, 2024 is Defeat Diabetes Month 2024.

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unhealthy fat smoker headig for diabetes or a heart attack advice needed?

Good for you for wanting to change. That is the first step. I'd recommend swimming for exercise. It will be a lot easier on your foot and will trim size and build muscle.

Quitting smoking has to happen right away! I know it is hard (I am over four months quit and going strong) but no matter how many times you start smoking again, quit again. It takes practise to quit smoking but is very very rewarding. For help with it you can go to

Slowly change your diet replacing pop with tea or water and replacing high fat items with lower fat alternatives. Adding more vegetables and fruits and fibre. Drink at least 8 glasses of water (just water with no sugar or powder added) per day.

Best of luck!

Dirt on a unwashed (for 2 months) body wont come off?

Dirt on a unwashed (for 2 months) body wont come off?

Ignore the ignorant person who suggested using "red hot" water and staying in as long as you can. That's just damned stupid; you can get second degree burns by doing that. Regular warm bath water is sufficient as long as it isn't tepid or cold.


Loofas usually work well because they are made of dried seaweed and are stiff even when wet. They are made especially for baths. Your pores are stuffed with oil and dirt from your skin. Scrubbing too much and too hard will do more damage than good. If you take a bath every day, the discoloration will gradually come off. If you are doing everything you say that you are, all you're doing is defeating your purpose. Multiple cleansers can work against each other and cause you not to get any results. Have you considered that the crusty skin on your elbows, knees, etc., may be callouses instead of dirt? They are always a different color and thicker than your skin. Exfoliation may not be what you need although it sounds like a quick easy way to get rid of the discolored skin. Slow down and work it one day at a time, one bath at a time.

3 hr glucose test resulted in gestational diabetes. Now what?

oh, i feel ur pain! i was diagnosed at 11 weeks, they caught mine so early cuz they noticed i had suger spilling over into my urine. and im even worse than u are when it comes to needles and blood, it makes me so naseated, i was so upset when i found out! the diet is hard, i will agree. my husband came to the rescue when it comes to diet. he is ahealth nut who works out alot (i dont, i hate it!) so he was right there to help. i would snack on mixed nuts, string cheese, sugar free jello cups, peanut butter crackers w/tall glasses of milk. i made sure to eat a small somthing every 2-3 hours, which was a pain at first, then became more natural. for dinner, my husband would grill us chicken breasts or steak, then we'd eat some steamed veggies w/it, and i drank lots of crystal light, my dr said it was fine cuz there is no actual proof that artifical sweetners are bad for ur baby. the hardest part for me were the insulin shots, i am terrified of needles, so i chickened out at first, and had my hubby do it for me while i looked away and shut my eyes lol. eventually, i learned to do it myself, and honestly, u get used to it. i had teh same problem u do, it was so painful for me to walk, even tho mine was just cuz i was so huge! i am only 5'1, and i had a 9 lb 2 oz baby, lol. the last 2 months of my preg, i thought i was gonna die! as for a restaurant, try ordering some grilled chicken, or tilapia, w/steamed veggies, maybe some unsweetened iced tea. and even tho ur not supposed to, every now and then, i had to cheat. im only human! i found that if i gave in and had a tiny bit of sweet, it made the craving go away. also, i always kept sugar free candy like jolly ranchers or life savers in teh cabinet, they taste exactly the same, and usually satisfied my hunger. i know its hard, but its not for long, and it willonly help ur baby, and u, be healthy and happy in the long run. good luck!

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