Month of the Military Child on April, 2023: Military Child Support?

April, 2023 is Month of the Military Child 2023. Month Of The Military Child Find benefits information and help We provide Month Of The Military Child

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Military Child Support?

In the Military if you are from certain states an expired DL is allowed as long as you are AD. Arizona is an example that allows it to happen. Once he gets out he has to renew his license.

Did the military request a paternity test, that will be required before the child is allowed any military benefits (ie base access)? That will have to be done at the expense of either you or the father.

The military will not help you unless a child support order from teh courts is issued & if you were not married a paternity test. Once that happens then you can talk to them. They do not send checks in the mail anymore, it is allotments to your bank account. That is done on the 1st of every month. If you have filed the support papers with them and nothing has been done then you can talk to the command. If the command has still not done anything then you can talk to the base command, but there is no guarantee that they will do anything because that is between you and him.

The only extra month he gets if he is married is BAH w/dependents and if deployed Family Separation. if he has 1 dependent or 20 it is the same amount. If he is living out in town and isn't married then he is getting BAH w/o dependents the difference is around $200 a month. To get BAH w/dependents it means that he has someone listed on his page 2 and if he is still married as you state then he is not doing any illegal, he is allowed to get it as long as he is married.

benefits for military children?

benefits for military children?

You will not get any help from the military. You are not a dependent so therefore do not qualify for anything it is all up to you.

once the child is born, the military can require a DNA test proving that the child is his as he is single. Once that does happen and the child's information is entered into DEERS then the child is a dependent. It will get medical, dental (cost for AD member of $13 a month), base privledges, etc... He will have to do all the paperwork himself there is nothing that you can do. You might be able to get a temporary military ID card as long as there is a letter stating you are allowed to come on base for the child to access it. You can then use the commissary, exchange to purchase things for the child not yourself. Plus use the child care, etc...

He can have his SGLI (life insurance) go to you if he wishes, he just has to set it up before he leaves. you do not have to be married to have that. The military again might require a DNA test for the child to get anything if something does happen to him.

military child support while married?

military child support while married?

Okay, here's the deal. Child support goes through civilian court systems, not military. So, he will have the opportunity to appear, or just pay the child support ordered (most states have a formula based on a number of criteria, one being father's income). Now, he can start an allotment so that the money is automatically taken from his check every month, and he never sees it; or he can try to pay with checks or money orders. Although the military is not a "haven" for dead-beat parents, and every military member has a responsibility to support their dependents and pay their debts, the military cannot force the individual to pay anything to anyone. The only thing they can do is to punish him for not paying, but they still can't MAKE him pay. (It's more like persuasion or coercion). There will probably be a bunch of people here that will tell you that he has to pay all of his BAH or whatever, and that's not necessarily true. Like I said, most states have a formula, and in most cases that amount will be similar to the amount of BAH he receives, but sometimes not.

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