Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month on April, 2025: If I found someone torture animal, where should i report to?

April, 2025 is Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month 2025. Prevent Animal Cruelty Learn Ten Ways To Prevent Animal Cruelty. Pledge To End Abuse!

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If I found someone torture animal, where should i report to?

Malaysia's animal cruelty laws:



43. In this Part, unless the context otherwise requiresU

"animal" means any living creature other than a human being and includes any

beast, bird, fish, reptile or insect, whether wild or tame.


Penalty for cruelty to animals

44. (1) Any person whoU

(a) cruelly beats, kicks, ill-treats, overrides, overdrives, overloads, tortures,

infuriates or terrifies any animal; or

(b) causes or procures or, being the owner, permits any animal to be so used;


(c) being in charge of any animal in confinement or in course of transport

from one place to another neglects to supply such animal with sufficient

food or water; or

(d) by wantonly or unreasonably doing or omitting to do any act, causes any

unnecessary pain or suffering, or, being the owner, permits any

unnecessary pain or suffering to any animal; or

(e) causes, procures or, being the owner, permits to be confined, conveyed,

lifted or carried any animal in such manner or position as to subject it to

unnecessary pain or suffering; or

(f) employs or causes or procures or being the owner, permits to be

employed in any work or labour, any animal which in consequence of any

disease, infirmity, wound or sore, or otherwise is unfit to be so employed;


(g) causes, procures or assists at the fighting or baiting of any animal, or

keeps, uses, manages, or acts or assists in the management of any

premises or place for the purpose, or partly for the purpose, of fighting or

baiting any animal, or permits any premises or place to be so kept,

managed or used, or receives or causes or procures any person to

receive, money for the admission of any person to such premises or place,

shall be guilty of an offence of cruelty and shall be liable to a fine of two hundred

ringgit or to imprisonment for a term of six months or to both.

(2) For the purposes of this section an owner shall be deemed to have permitted

cruelty within the meaning of this Part if he shall have failed to exercise reasonable care

and supervision in respect of the protection of the animal from cruelty:

Provided that where an owner is convicted of permitting cruelty within the

meaning of this Act by reason only of his having failed to exercise such care and

supervision, he shall not be liable to imprisonment without the option of a fine.


(3) Nothing in this section shall apply to the commission or omission of any act in

the course of the destruction, or the preparation for destruction, of any animal as food

for mankind, unless such destruction or such preparation was accompanied by the

infliction of unnecessary suffering.

(4) Notwithstanding paragraph (1)(g) the Chief Minister in a State may by written

permit authorize the wrestling of bulls in such State, subject to such conditions as may

be specified in the permit either on a special occasion of public interest or if he is

satisfied that such wrestling is beneficial to the breed and, in either case, that no

cruelty to any animal will arise from such wrestling, and where such wrestling is

conducted in accordance with the conditions of such permit paragraph (1)(g) shall be

deemed not to apply to such wrestling.

Power of veterinary authorities and police officers

45. (1) Any veterinary authority and any police officer may arrest without warrant any

person whom he sees committing any offence under section 44, and may seize any

animal in respect of which and any conveyance or article with or by means of which

such offence has been committed.

(2) Any person so arrested and any conveyance or article so seized shall be

immediately taken to a police station.

(3) Any animal so seized shall be taken to a police station or a pound or a

veterinary centre and may, subject to any order made in respect of the animal by a

Magistrate, be there detained until the accused has been tried.

(4) Any such officer may stop in any street or public place and examine any animal

in respect of which he has reason to believe that an offence has been or is being

committed under section 44.

Power of Town Board or Municipal Officers

46. Within any town or Municipal limits the powers given by section 45 to veterinary

authorities and police officers may be exercised by any officer appointed in that behalf

by the Mayor of a City Council or City Hall, President of a Municipal Council, District

Council or Local Authority or General Manager of a Town Council or Town Board, as the

case may be.

Some of this may not have copied and pasted well, so it is best that you go to the site, but from what I am seeing, yes, there are people you can report it to, and he will be investigated. Good luck!

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my 3 month old puppy is eating my aloe plant. Is it dangeous?

my 3 month old puppy is eating my aloe plant. Is it dangeous?

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the aloe vera plant is toxic to dogs. The principal components are from a class of chemicals called saponins. Saponins have a foaming characteristic and are present in the aloe vera plant.

Stop your dog from eating it right away and if he starts to have diarrhea or vomiting, you need to get him to a vet right away.

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