Frog Month on April, 2024: Best frog choice for a 30g?

April, 2024 is Frog Month 2024. National Frog Month stamp — Stock Vector © Balint Roxana # National Frog Month stamp

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Best frog choice for a 30g?

You sir have some expensive breeders of dart frogs in your area. I go to expos and stores all the time and I've never seen any one frog for more than $80. These guys are one of my favorites: and are well-known for good quality care of their animals. Good pricing as well.

I think the thing to note is that regardless of the species, all male frogs are going to be loud and disruptive. My dad exiled his American Green Tree Frogs to the garage for a few nights because no one in the house could sleep with the male running his croak. It's surprising how much sound reverberates in the dead of night. It's kind of cool when you're awake, but not so much when you're trying to get some shut-eye and it's the only sound in the entire house.

Reed Frogs: You can definitely get 7-8 of these guys with the tank size that you have, but obviously that makes it harder to a) feed them and b) make sure you didn't lose one. Reed frogs are hit-and-miss at most places and you're almost guaranteed to never see the same variety you saw the last time because of how many types there are.

Red-Eyed Tree Frogs: These are probably the coolest frog you can get to impress your friends and they aren't too hard to keep either. I'm sure if you're open to other breeders, you shouldn't have a problem finding them; they're easily the third most popular frog after American Green and White's Dumpy frogs. Any frog has the ability to jump longer than the width or length of your tank; they all have some impressive legs, so I wouldn't worry too much about restricting your animal because your tank is larger than the bare minimum by 15 gallons.

American Green Tree Frogs: Sort of drab when you're done raving about how they only cost you $7 apiece. It's sort of your generic frog, just as Green Anoles are the standard lizard. They do get pretty fat if you feed them enough.

Big-Eyed Tree Frogs: Certainly very cool; not the most common frog, so you may have to grab them when you can, but worth it if you can get a good price to avoid live animal shipping.

I wouldn't keep more than 8 of any frog in the tank of your size, and probably go down to 6 for the smaller species and 2-3 for the larger species. You want quality, not quantity. People have kept lizards with their tree frogs; it's never recommended because of cross-contamination of water and food as well as interspecies competition and other external factors which favor one animal over another, but anoles and house geckos tend to get along well with the smallest of frogs because no one gets eaten that way.

Webkinz frog/ Pet of the Month??

Webkinz frog/ Pet of the Month??

Its just the regular frog. If you go to the main page of webkinz before you log in and click on the webkinz catalog, it will show you the picture.

How to set up a tank for African dwarf frogs and guppies?

How to set up a tank for African dwarf frogs and guppies?

African dwarf frogs and guppies are a great combination and a 10 gal. is perfect.

You could go with 3 guppies 1 male/2 females or 3 female guppies and 3 dwarf frogs. If you got more than 3 dwarfs they can tend to fight amongst themselves when they feel crowded, or one will pick on the rest. Specific sex on the frogs isn't important, they all get along. A mature male may sing (kind of sounds like a cricket). A mature male (10+ months or older) has a bump behind his armpit. Looks like a wart.

A rock isn't needed or even recommended if part of the rock sticks out of the water. If a dwarf's body is exposed to the air they will dry out and die. They don't need any leverage in a 10 gallon to beable to make their way to the surface for air. A lid is a must. The ADF's thrust up hard and fast to get air and they can accidently thrust right out of the tank.

A heater is needed for the guppies. A cycled tank is needed for both. Dwarfs are more sensitive to poor water quality than fish because they don't have the scales to protect them against toxins (ammonia/nitrite/nitrate). Dwarfs take in the toxins through their skin.

Plants for the dwarfs - they will love any broad leaf or loose lacy type. Avoid dense java moss type plants, they can get tangled in those and drown. Silk plants are fine, just make sure anything you put in the tank doesn't have any sharp edges that can cut the frogs skin.

They like to hide sometimes just make sure they have an easy exit in all directions for when they need air. So something like a spongebob pineapple hut (as cute as they are) would be a death trap for the frogs because they don't have quick easy access UP.

Any flaw in the tank the dwarfs are guaranteed to find. Think of it as child proofing the tank for them. A few precautions and once they are used to their new home and start exploring and doing their zen thing they are such characters they are worth the little bit of extra consideration. Then they will start responding to your movements and voice too and start standing and pressing their faces against the glass to watch you.

If the water uptake grill on the filter is too wide their legs/feet can get sucked into it and break a leg or get stuck and drown. With a hang on the back filter I cut up an old fish net and attached it to the filter grill with a rubber band.

I tried twice on the Fluvall Nano filter and gave up. It became incredibly noisy. The Marineland Duetto 50 is for a 10 gal. It's flow rate is adjustable down to a crawl and silent. If there comes a time you can't find a frog look behind the filter. It may have sandwiched itself in there. Or look in the lid.

Feeding. The guppies won't be intimidated by the frogs so they will eat all the food before the frogs even know there's any food there. If you throw in some food and walk away the frogs would starve. If you don't have a tank divider you can cut off the back end off a school binder for one at feeding time, or buy a divider, just for at feeding time. The frogs need Frog & Tadpole pellets presoaked in a little tank water. Zoo Med or HBH pellets. They need either a little platter set into the gravel or a gravel cleared place in the tank for their food to go. A new turkey baster helps to get the food right where you want it. Feed them in the same place and they will learn to look there for food. Feeding in close quarters they will bite each others arms and legs and thrash around. This is normal and no harm, they don't have teeth.

The guppies will clean up any crumbs from the frog food. I haven't foundthis to be a health problem for the guppies.

Adult size ghost shrimp are fine to add.

I haven't yet found any dwarf specific safe decor so I make my own. If this way is something you might want to do I used DAP Household Adhesive Sealant 100% Silicone Clear Aquarium Safe, sold at Fred Meyers. It's the same as what they sell at the pet store and $6 cheaper.

The muscle shell is glued at about a 45 degree angle on 2 piles of pebbles so they can leave thru the bottom too.

Their feeding dish

shell glued on suction cup

shell glued on gravel at 45 degree angle

hermit crab shell stuffed with gravel and glued closed

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