ASPCA Month on April, 2022: are there any ASPCAs in nyc?

April, 2022 is ASPCA Month 2022.

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are there any ASPCAs in nyc....?

Details on the ASPCA's volunteer program are online at . Most volunteer opportunities are available only to people aged 18 or older, but volunteers aged 14-17 can work with cats or provide administrative assistance. Volunteers must be able to commit to a minimum of 8 hours/month for 6 months.

Although the ASPCA is probably the best known animal rescue organization in NYC, there are many other animal rescue groups active in the city. If the ASPCA's requirements for volunteers make it impossible for you to volunteer there, you may want to consider volunteering with another group.

ASPCA going orange?!?

ASPCA going orange?!?

ask people in your school to get involved, I think you can go like to aspca place and get flyers or pamphlets

Do you get a shirt if you donate to aspca?

Do you get a shirt if you donate to aspca?

In ASPCA, you must join this program where you pay I believe 19 dollars a month and you will receive a free shirt and a picture of one of the animals you will be supporting. If you donate an amount of money, you won't get a shirt. I would do both since both are very charitable. For more information visit At ASPCA, we appreciate every penny. Good luck and the shirts are adorable!

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