International Guitar Month on April, 2024: Can I start learning guitar now?

April, 2024 is International Guitar Month 2024.

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Can I start learning guitar now?

hello friend

its never too late for learning anything.just get a good guitar it will make things go through these it will surely help

here you can learn guitar with hd videos online 100% free

another Reference

here you can get lots of indian and international songs lead or chords

take care :)

also get the chords chart made easy here.if you are not able to play the traditional ones or want variety

if you practice decently and have a good guitar in 3 months you will be able to play songs by chords.

take care :)

Ordering a guitar from the US to Singapore, help please?

Ordering a guitar from the US to Singapore, help please?

- Shipper says shipping to singapore is only possible by Express international? I highly doubt that. It could even go international ground ... it will take about a month, but it will be much cheaper. I would reconsider even doing the deal if he's ripping you off like this already.

- When I ship internationally on eBay, I am responsible for all shipping fees and taxes. Buyer (you) are responsible for currency conversion fees when your credit card company converts your money to USD.

- Warning: Check with your tax agent. If this is considered a high valued item, you may have to declare it still on your taxes. In USA, you have to declare that for anything above $4000 (called use tax). Not sure if Singapore has this or not.

- The conversion rate depends on your credit company. I highly suggest using PayPal if the seller accepts that. Makes everything so much easier to see and you will have insurance on the purchase if it is lost too.

Good luck.

What guitar is Jack Black using?

What guitar is Jack Black using?

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Also on this date Monday, April 1, 2024...