National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month on April, 2025: miracle food items

April, 2025 is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month 2025. Celebrate Grilled Cheese! April 12th is National Grilled

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miracle food items??????????

I thought this was going to be about Miracle Whip.

But I agree with you. Have you seen the latest thing? The Virgin Mary in a.. tree stump? LOL.

how to lose 100 lbs by next year?

how to lose 100 lbs by next year?

i'm 17, 5 foot 1, and WAS 125 pounds. i was also curvy, short legs really thighs thighs and butt and calves. i know that may not be fat or anywhere near it, but i used to eat soooo much junk food... so i decided to start dieting now because i'm ony gonna be gaining more and more weight, and when i'm older i know it will be harder to lose weight, so i wanna start now so when i'm older i could have an extra slice of chocolate cake without worrying about it. you're only 18, you're still young, losing weight is a LOT easier for you now than when you're older, TRUST ME. my mother has weight problems and has a lot of trouble losing weight, no matter what she does.

anyways, i've been on this "diet" for only about two months and i'm already at 111 pounds. thats 14 pounds in two months, which would be 84 pounds in 12 months. keep in mind, i'm not doing a strict diet at ALL, so if you make it more strict, with more excercise, i'm sure you could lose the 100 pounds.

this is what i did.. :

i cut out junk this :

sugar drinks (iced tea, soda)

caffeine (coffee, chocolate)

fried food (fried chicken, french fries)

fast food like mcdonald's and chinese food

food like hot dogs, and ravioli, any kind of already made food

DAIRY (cheese, milk unless SKIM)


fruits (bananas, kiwis, grapes, apples, watermelons, etc)

vegetables (spinach, broccolli, corn, etc)

EAT A HALF A CUP OF BEANS WITH YOUR LUNCH AND YOUR DINNER! it WILL help fill you up! eat about 5 greek olives or 7 spanish olives with every meal! it also helps to fill you up!

eat only GRILLED chicken, or fish with no bread crumbs, just plain flour

eat more salads, with a little bit of feta cheese, olive oil and vinegar, and some olives, DELICIOUS! throw half a cup of grilled chicken in there and it's one of my favorite meals :)

you can have toast with butter, chicken noodle soup, grilled chicken with some garlic mashed potatoes, fish with spinach and beans, a turkey or tuna sandwich with lettuce and olives on whole weat bread!

for breakfast, try one slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter and very little jelly spreaded on, a glass of skim milk or orange juice, and an apple. lets say thats about 8 am. at 11 am you'll probably be hungry, have a handful of pretzels and a few chunks of low fat cheddar cheese. at 1 PM have a salad! make it a big one! lettuce, olives, tomatoes, onions. pour on some olive oil and vinegar. throw about half a cup of chicken strips in there, and cut the strips into little small squares of two's or three's, so you see lots of chicken! yum! :)

OR.. buy whole wheat wraps, or spinach wraps (i haven't tried them yet but i want to) and put some grilled chicken and some red peppers in there. deliciousssss. really, DELICIOUSSS!!! cut the wrap in half and eat it. put some beans in there!!! beans fill you up!

you should be full, but if you're like me, and are always hungry, have another apple or a banana at 3 PM.

have a great dinner. a nice fat piece of fish, with some delicious broccolli and carrots. season them so they're yummy! have ONE nice fat pork chop, with a cup of spinach and half a cup of beans. make your plate colorful! trust me, i never liked vegetables but now i LOVE them!!! well, most of them, anyways.

you're allowed to cheat, but if you cheat, cheat right.

order a slice of cheese pizza from your favorite resturant. only ONE slice of pizza is OKAY if you have NOTHING else. don't get toppings, if anything add your own (i add olives on mine) and wipe off as much grease as you can. make a plan on when you're gonna have pizza. say, every 20 days. yum yum yum! order it with a water.

another way you can cheat is with a small bag of chips. they're only like 150 calories. maybe every friday night, buy yourself your favorite bag. eat it after an apple or another filling fruit.

ALSO, for your sweet cravings, this will DEFINATELY help!

cheerios with skim milk, and put one packet of splenda in it

i PROMISE it will help

every night around this time (midnight) i crave oreo cookies, with a big cold glass of milk, or a nice big chocolate chip muffin. like right now, i'm craaaaving it.

but instead, i have the cheerios. it fills my belly up, and the splenda sweetens it. have you ever eaten so much sweets, and than you see more, but you're like "ew, i don't want anything sweet anymore.." thats what the cheerios do for you. it's like eating a bowl of frosted flakes, but splenda isn't real sugar.

but if you're GONNA cheat, or you NEED junk food or you're gonna go to taco bell and order 4 tacos and a large soda, those are your two best bets, pizza and potato chips ^

i hope i helped, good luck! you can e-mail me if anything! i'm here to help :)

oh and KEEP EXCERCISING!!!!!! my diet consists of no excercise but it's not healthy and i should really start excercising!

Also on this date Tuesday, April 1, 2025...