National Card and Letter Writing Month on April, 2024: No salary through WPS for 2 months?

April, 2024 is National Card and Letter Writing Month 2024. Celebrating National Card and Letter Writing Month! and letter writing month

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No salary through WPS for 2 months?

A) If you employer has failed to pay your salary for 2 months, you can report a written complaint to the Ministry of Labor at Al Qusais branch in Dubai. Do take your original ID like Passport or Labor Card and National ID. Ministry will help you get your salary from the employer as the ministry takes non-payment of salaries very seriously. The employer will also be fined by the Ministry for Non-Compliance with the WPS system.

B) According to the new law:

a. If you are still serving the probation period (usually 3 months; if mentioned in your employment contract), you can give one week resignation notice to your employer. You won't be banned if you resign in the probation period.

b. If you have crossed your probation period, you can resign after giving one month notice in writing to your employer. Your employer has the right to request a Ban from the ministry if you haven't completed the minimum 2 years (limited contract) with the employer. If you have completed your contract or about to complete in then next 1 month, you can resign without any bans.

C) It is advisable to maintain good terms with your employer before resigning from work. This can help you in avoiding bans and receive reference letter for your next employment.

Unique National Collections?

Unique National Collections?

The library will probably reduce the the amount you owe when you return the books. More than likely the price of the books themselves is included along with the late fees, so once the books are returned they will probably remove the replacement book fee amount and just charge you the late fees (depending on your library and the type of books you had out, the late fees may end up being less than $15 or $20). You should be prepared to pay the late fees when you go to the library.

Have your parents order copies of your credit reports from all three credit bureaus to see if Unique is reporting on them. Since you are a minor you cannot order them, your parents will have to do it.

Instead of paying Unique, pay the library directly. Then ask the librarian to give you a receipt of your payment and then ask for a written statement saying that you do not owe anything to the library, make sure the receipt and the written statement are not on the same piece of paper.

Make a copy of the written statement.

Type up a debt validation request to Unique. Staple a copy of the written statement from the library to the validation letter and mail it off to Unique before 30 days have passed from the date you received their letter. Do not sign the validation request, only print your initials or type your name Send the letter by certified mail return receipt. (be sure to NOT include that payment receipt in with that validation request)

Unique may just go away after they receive your validation request, since they will have the written statement, that you included, which came from the library itself saying that you owe nothing. So there really isn't much they can do after receiving that.

When choosing a debt validation letter template don't use one that asks them to provide everything including the kitchen sink, just send a request that is short and to the point.

IF they are reporting on your credit reports then after you pay the library and send the validation request to Unique, then send a dispute to the credit bureaus saying something along the lines of .. the account that is reporting is in error as you have no account with Unique and to please remove it from your report.

Be sure to act quickly on this. Your validation request should be sent to Unique after you pay the library and before the first 30 days have passed from the date you received their letter. If they are reporting on your reports then your written dispute to the credit bureaus should be mailed to the bureaus on about the 5th day after you sent your validation request to Unique, or, after you receive the signed green certified mail card back from Unique .. whichever comes first.

You can Google debt validation sample letter templates or you might go to the site I've listed in the source box and do some reading in the Credit Forum. You'll be able to find all types of validation sample letters on there. The site is free to read, ask questions and to use anything you find on it.

Good luck.

Dealing with National Readers Service and Banking?

Dealing with National Readers Service and Banking?


This is a very LONG answer to your request for help, but as I’m sure you have figured out you are in an enormous mess!!

I helped my daughter deal with National Readers Service- Pittsburgh, PA last year, and it is possible (although very difficult) to cancel an account and in some cases even get a refund. After being informed that they had been reported to the FTC for refusing to honor an implied seven day cancellation period and of my intentions to contact the Attorneys General and the Better Business Bureau for assistance, they immediately cancelled her account and refunded her payment. Interestingly enough, after being contacted by the Pennsylvania AG their response letter indicated that cancellation upon customer request has always been their policy.

I encourage you to attempt to deal with them and reach some agreement about closing the account. Don’t be surprised if there is some ridiculous settlement offer or cancellation fee though; be ready for them. Gather all your documents and decide what agreement you intend to reach. Know how much has been “paid” (although it sounds like those charges may have been left unpaid and have compounded into the issue you are having with your bank/ ChexSystems??). Also know how much of the service to date that you agreed upon has been received.

If the account is cancelled, refund considerations should bear in mind that a complete refund is probably unreasonable unless the account has just been opened. For example if cancelling an account several months into the first year, 12 months of magazines with a refund of anything paid over 20% of a total five year subscription cost should be a reasonable request (should be… but don’t expect to get it easily). Even in this case, the prices of these subscriptions are so ridiculous unless all of your choices are weekly magazines, there is no way you will get out without paying well over cover-prices (not subscription prices).

You may contact them by phone, but I strongly encourage you to prepare a script if you do. Be sure to request a WRITTEN cancellation agreement from them. Another option is to send a written cancellation notification. Keep a copy of any notification(s) for documentation and send by certified mail with return receipt request.

There is help in dealing with companies like this if needed. Both my state consumer affairs office and the Better Business Bureau were willing to assist in arbitrations if needed. Personally, I found the advice of my state consumer affairs office to be invaluable. Additionally, you can always contact a consumer law advocate.

• Local consumer protection agencies can be found here:

• Contact the BBB with complaints here:

As to the ChexSystems situation, I strongly encourage you to contact your bank. While it is possible they will be unwilling to assist you after your failure to address your account overdraft(s), it is certainly worth the attempt. The consequences for being reported on the ChexSystems can be far-reaching. It may be difficult (or impossible) to secure a checking account at almost any bank until that report is removed- not to mention the immediate collection efforts you have described. The report is removed after five years from the date entered or upon the request of your bank.

ChexSystems Inc. will provide one free copy of your report in their database every 12 months on your request . Also you may be entitled attach an explanation to your file as well. Q&A from ChexSystems can be found here: .

Whatever amount you are ultimately financially responsible for through collections, you may attempt to resolve the matter with them even if you cannot immediately repay the debt. Third party debt collectors’ conduct is restricted by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Questions and answers about the FDCPA can be found here: .

It will likely be beneficial to regularly monitor your credit report as a result of all of this. The three nationwide credit reporting companies - Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion- are required to provide a free copy of your credit report through every 12 months. Staggering your requests from each company during a 12-month period may be a good way to keep an eye on the accuracy and completeness of the information in your reports.

I am completely convinced after my daughter’s experience that preparing young adults to be defensive consumers must be an intentional lesson, and it is a lesson that many of us parents do not teach well (or at all in some cases). Take the opportunity to tell your friends what you’ve learned. You’ll be surprised how many are just as unsuspecting as you were.

Best of luck, D/

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