Celebrate Diversity Month on April, 2025: What would you do to celebrate White History Month?

April, 2025 is Celebrate Diversity Month 2025. Diversity Awareness Month‎ Diversity Awareness Month. Discover and Explore on Ask.com!

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What would you do to celebrate White History Month?

The reason some people ask "why isn't there a white history month?" is probably the same reason some people ask "why aren't there scholarships for white males?". The point is normally not that they really in fact want a month to celebrate the history of the white race, or that they really want financial aid earmarked for people of their gender and ethnicity: the point is to reveal the inconsistency and double standards of our modern politically correct society. The point is that if we are indeed going to designate particular months to celebrate the cultures of certain people groups, and if we are indeed going to designate certain scholarships for people based upon their ethnicity, the least we could do is be consistent and do these things for EVERY ethnicity rather than make the english-speaking white male the biggest glaring absence.

Personally, I am rather concerned about the United States' emphasis on defining people first by their race or ethnicity and then as either belonging to the "majority" or a "minority" group and then subsequently applying different rules to these different groups of people. A true sense of social justice inherently demands consistency within which every person is held to the same standards and given the same responsibilities. It is problematic that some ethnicities are allowed to create organizations that not only celebrate their cultural pride but are also sometimes allowed to border on ethnocentrism, whereas another ethnicity (read: the white english speaking demographic) can scarcely express any simillar sort of cultural pride without risking being labeled as racist. It is also hypocritical that whereas members of the white demographic are so easily accused of "racism" simply for perhaps taking a different point of view on controversial issues such as affirmative action and policy toward illegal immigrants, much more genuine and blatant expressions of racism on the part of so-called "minority" groups are tacitly tolerated. If the United States truly desires racial reconciliation amongst the members of its diverse citizenry it is imperative that it begin with the formulation of consistent standards, which are currently lacking under a political culture that is mistakenly labeled as "liberal" or "progressive".

Only within a consistent framework of common responsibilites and a sense of common brotherhood as Americans can our diversity peacefully thrive, and the differences amongst us complement each other rather than become reasons for conflict and division. I am not a big fan of black history month--although I respect the struggle for civil rights. I am not a big fan of hispanic appreciation month--although I believe that hispanic citizens deserve equality. I would not be a big fan of white history month if one existed--even though european americans certainly played a key role in establishing many or our most prized institutions. I am a fan of the history of the United States of America and the achievement that its people--of every race and ethnicity--can accomplish when they see past the self-interest of their own bloodlines and look out for the good of their entire nation.

E PLURIBUS UNUM. The most promising, idealistic, liberal and progressive idea that ever failed to be politically correct.

Should my child be forced to celebrate black history month in public school?

Should my child be forced to celebrate black history month in public school?

Once again i noticed that some people are saying why just black history month? why not italian or greek etc. In my honest opinion it is just 28 days to remind those of the struggles we have had in America. It is just a reminder of all the years of hard times that blacks have seen.

For a fact my school is celebrating Diversity Month, but i see it as an outrage. Lets just keep things the way it is for now. Finally to the parent, no child should be forced, but if you choose not to let them learn black culture then you are leaving out a vital piece of American History.

Do Coca-Cola Co El Mexicano , TV Azteca, Yahoo Inc or Microsoft

Do Coca-Cola Co El Mexicano , TV Azteca, Yahoo Inc or Microsoft, celebrate the Hispanic heritage Month in USA?

I've never heard of Hispanic Heritage Month. Why isn't this getting the same recognition as Black History Month. America doesn't do enough to celebrate our diversity. No other country in the world has the diversity we do.

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