Informed Women Month on April, 2024: does earthquake affect a 1 month pregnant woman?

April, 2024 is Informed Women Month 2024. Womens History Month 2014‎ 2014 Women's History Month Lesson Plans for Teachers

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does earthquake affect a 1 month pregnant woman?

absolutly not women and thier unborn babies are very tough

When was it told to men that women are after their money?

When was it told to men that women are after their money?

I think that the courts haven't caught up to the current situation. This system of paying for an ex-wife came about in a time when a woman only went to college (at best) for an "m.r.s. degree" and after a 'certain age' had few prospects for remarriage. The idea was, that with the stigma of divorce, and her limited role of wife, he was still responsible for her because it was a man's world, and a middle-aged man could remarry whenever he felt like it.

Today, a lot of women have full-time jobs, education up the wazoo, and still get alimony. Others are nasty and immoral, and deserve to be put in jail for fraud, but still get alimony. The system is clearly being abused, but to be honest, I don't know how frequently.

Although women today are far from helpless, if a man gets divorced he gets stuck paying alimony for a long time, maybe for the rest of her life. Therefore, if a woman is a gold-digger, we are in perfect times for her to marry a guy she is not into, and divorce him a couple of years later and be entitled to half his salary. He might be supporting her for the rest of her life, especially if she never remarries. But she can live off of him, and benefit from having sex with whomever she wants.

It is totally unfair. You can be trailer trash, and if you marry the CEO of a company and divorce him, you will make more than one of his top executives. Not to mention the drones who populate the bottom of the corporate latter, that do the grunt work that keep the company going. They put in 40+ hrs per week, and pray that they don't get sick or laid off, so that they can pay their bills this month.

Just by marrying this guy, she by-passes all of that. Plus, even if she was having threesomes every night with Jack and Jake from the quickie mart, and had their baby, he can still be supporting her (and "his kid") for the rest of his life. The kid, in a lot of jurisdictions, is his, if he is the legal husband at the time of birth and/or if his name is on the birth certificate. DNA? whatever. Not all jurisdictions care about DNA tests if they were married at the time of conception.

This is an exaggerated example, but stuff like this happens all the time. I don't know how these things are worked out in court. But a lot of guys get screwed.

If the roles were reversed, and some kind of unemployed trailer-park home-boy marries a female doctor, and sleeps around, would he be entitled to half her income?

I am not particularly well informed on these topics. Every state, also, has different precedents for these matters. I know that California tends to side with the woman, but New York, for example, is more conservative.

But try to ignore the rants on Gender Studies here. These guys are just complaining. They don't know what they are talking about. If they did, their questions would reflect more actual facts, and not just emotions.

Most women are not amoral gold-diggers. You know this, and I know this.

Do women’s eggs renew themselves?

Do women's eggs renew themselves?

A woman is born with all the egg cells she will have. For the first part of her life they just sit there doing nothing. Then during puberty they start maturing about once a month. Menopause is mostly about hormones not sure if every single eggcell is used up. But when you are out, you are out so to speak.

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