National Rebuilding Month on April, 2024: stock suggestions for the next four months?

April, 2024 is National Rebuilding Month 2024. Untitled.jpg National Rebuilding Month:

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stock suggestions for the next four months?

Energy prices remain high and the trend continues to look good for energy, as well as China plays:

(TDW) Tidewater Inc.

Tidewater Inc. owns over 460 vessels, the world’s largest fleet of vessels serving the global offshore energy industry.

(BUCY) Bucyrus International Inc.

Bucyrus International, Inc. engages in designing, manufacturing, and marketing draglines, electric mining shovels, and rotary blast-hole drills used for surface mining. It also provides aftermarket replacement parts and services for its machines. The company's equipments are used for mining copper, thermal coal, metallurgical coal, oil sands, iron ore, molybdenum, phosphate, bauxite, gold, diamonds, and uranium. Bucyrus International also offers engineered replacement parts, maintenance and repair labor, technical advice, refurbishment and relocation of machines, structural and mechanical engineering, non-destructive testing, repairs and rebuilds of machine components, product and component upgrades, turnkey erections, and equipment operation and management under long-term maintenance and repair contracts.

(CMED) China Medical Tech.

Chinese developer of high intensity ultrasound products to treat solid cancers and benign tumours.


China's only offshore oil company, looks to be a good play on the combination of both energy and China.

(NBR) Nabors Industries

Nabors Industries, Ltd. operates as a land drilling contractor. The company conducts oil, gas, and geothermal land drilling operations in the United States, Alaska, Canada, South and Central America, the Middle East, the Far East, and Africa. It also operates as a land well-servicing and workover contractor in the United States and Canada. In addition, Nabors Industries provides offshore platform workover and drilling rigs. These rigs provide well-servicing, workover, and drilling services. The company offers a range of ancillary well-site services, including engineering, transportation, construction, maintenance, well logging, directional drilling, rig instrumentation, data collection, and other support services; and subcontracted logistics services for onshore drilling and well-servicing operations in Canada using helicopters and fixed-winged aircraft. It charters a fleet of 29 marine transportation and supply vessels, which provide transportation of drilling materials, supplies, and crews for offshore operations. Further, the company manufactures and leases or sells top drives for a range of drilling applications, directional drilling systems, rig instrumentation and data collection equipment, pipeline handling equipment, and rig reporting software. It also has investments in oil and gas exploration, development, and production activities. The company's customers include oil and gas companies, foreign national oil and gas companies, and independent oil and gas companies. As of December 31, 2006, it owned approximately 610 land workover and well-servicing rigs in the United States; and approximately 190 land workover and well-servicing rigs in Canada, as well as owned 48 platform, 19 jack-up units, and 5 barge rigs. The company was founded in 1968 and is based in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Is New Orleans really worth rebuilding?

Is New Orleans really worth rebuilding?

I love NOLA, but the question is who should foot the bill for rebuilding? Why should my tax money be given to people who choose to live below sea level without insurance?

In my opinion, you choose to do something like this at your own risk. These same NOLA residents from the 9th ward would propbably think it was pretty stupid to live on the side of a active volcano. They probably also would think it was stupid to live on an active fault line. They just don't see the flaw in their willingness to live below sea level and make no preparations for the emminent flood.

It isn't like the flood of NOLA was an unforseen event, we were just shocked as a nation with the amount of bodies and lives that clearly didn't heed the warnings.

I get sickened by the democrats blaming the administration for the disaster. Our president has made mistakes, but he didn't cause Katrina to flood the city. He was forced into impliment and ad-hoc emergency plan when the city of NOLA and the state of LA clearly didn't have one of their own. The federal governement is there to supliment local efforts, not to be there in place of local efforts.

NOLA will flood again, the question is when. If you want to live down in the floodplain, build it with your own local money.

Here is an interesting idea: Offer abandoned parcels of property in the lower 9th to any able bodied illegal alien for $100 cash and offer them a green card with the property. The requirement would be to clear the site and build a modest home within 18 months or be deported. I would be willing to bet that the lower 9th would be 100% rebuilt within 2 years (other than the cost of the greencard process).

I am always amazed at what people are willing to do for feedom, when those that already are born with it take it for granted. If the aliens want it bad enough, they will do what it takes. The lower 9th residents want it bad, but they just want someone to do it for them, and pay them welfare while the work is being done for them at no cost to them. Meanwhile, they wait and live in federally provided housing for someone to take action on their behalf.

PS: if you cant tell, I completely respect those who have taken it upon themselves to rebuild. I have zero respect for any able bodied person sitting on their ass. For those who aren't able bodied, that is what your community churches and neighborhoods are for. Love thy neighbor and help those who can't help themselves, etc. etc.

What is National Service and why would you be forced to do it?

What is National Service and why would you be forced to do it?

Being from the UK I wouldn't be sure exactly what Obama has in mind but National Service is a common name for mandatory or voluntary government service programs most often focusing on military service. If it runs as a similar system as Britain used to have then men from 17 to 21 would do a year to 18 months in one of the armed forces and remain on the reserve list for four years, with a liability to be recalled to their units for up to twenty days service or training on not more than three occasions in the four years. But this was specific to Britain and Obama may have other ideas.

There are other forms of National Service that could involve work within a community.

There are other countries that still adopt National Service some of which include Mexico, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Israel and Switzerland.

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