Keep America Beautiful on April, 2025: Keep America Beautiful?

April, 2025 is Keep America Beautiful 2025.

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Keep America Beautiful?

Oh, I am so into gardening and propagating plants. I can't even imagine how many plants, shrubs, trees, seeds I have planted over the years in different places I have lived, even on the side of the road so others could enjoy them. I guess when I have passed there will be a lot of pretty flowers and things to show I was there. Berries and fruit trees for birds to enjoy. Vines for birds to build their nest in. I like nature.

what makes america great? help essay!?

what makes america great? help essay!?

Don't list your reasons in the can combine them into one thesis statement like

America was founded on the basis of freedom and opportunities. Diverse cultures sculpted America into the great country it is today.

just two sentences to give you an idea..

Short sentences like America is great! Freedom is a great thing! sounds repetative and what a second grader would use if ur in second grade then keep it lol...but if you are like in 7th grade or older start using more complex sentences not big words caz it will sound awful

I really like your beginning sentence for the second paragraph comma before the but: the reason i like it is because it sounds like you wrote it

this is really good

words i don't like: totally, saying which is make it two sentences for example

As an American , you have the right to voice your opinion, which is called the freedom of speech.

Instead you can say As an American, you have the right to voice your opinon. This stated in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights is known as Freedom of Speech.

Your first paragraph needs more details go into the other freedoms

Freedom of Press

Freedom of Religion

Freedom of Assembly

Freedom to Petition

briefly explain each one

the second with religion can go into the first paragraph

the word integration is used wrong you meant is Segregation

again the whole "is a great thing!" cut it

the second paragraph should be based on opportunities in America that are not in most countries...for example we can vote for our president, like you said go to school, we can choose our own career and start a business

Third paragraph is full of examples which is great, but don't keep saying for example just state it like Halloween, one of our most popular holidays especially with children, was brought to America by the Druids. As more people came to America, they brought with them different fashions and food with them.

Cut the chinese food one...say something like Pizza was brought to America by Italians in the late 19th century.

As you can see, there are many things (i dont like that word but i cant think of another) that make America what is today. Without our freedom, numerous opportunities, and cultures America would be a different place today.

Cut the whole last section you already stated that you don't have to defend yourself.

You need a really good ending sentence.

go on this website for some information:

also dont be afraid to google things to support your ideas

Why Star Spangled Banner over America the Beautiful?

Why Star Spangled Banner over America the Beautiful?

The song America the Beautiful was sung with the tune of an already copyrighted hymn. There were possible legal problems which would embarrass the government and country.

God Bless America was dropped because it was written by a Jew and there were protests from clergy.

The Star Spangled banner was more sectarian and irreligious than either of the other two...though nearly impossible to sing by most folks.

Also on this date Tuesday, April 1, 2025...