Jazz Appreciation Month on April, 2024: Why do people like Jazz music?

April, 2024 is Jazz Appreciation Month 2024.

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Jazz Appreciation Month

Placed in 2001, Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM) sets to promote jazz both being an historic along with a contemporary talent. If you want to reside up and may make it happen Washington D.C is JAM’s primary home by having an extensive program of occasions, however it’s celebrated in 40 nations, and each condition of america, so wherever you're there must be something exciting to complete.Throughout JAM, schools, concert halls and libraries are urged for hosting occasions to obtain local areas interested. If nothing’s happening in your town you will find still lots of methods for getting involved, possibly watch some webinars to obtain clued on jazz’s cultural history, stay tuned to some jazz radio station or buy newer and more effective Compact disks and also have a party together with your buddies. Jazz is really a celebration of freedom and creativeness so parties and dancing are positively urged!

Why do people like Jazz music?

"However, now that Jazz has been around for 80+ years, I want to know where the artists are."

New York City.

If you can't make it out here to this coast, then the next best thing is its ONLY real jazz station, WKCR.

WKCR plays all jazz, and I mean jazz styles you never knew existed.

The DJs are volunteers from the jazz department of Columbia University. Most often, the nontraditional stuff is played on two programs, the Out to Lunch show (noon-3pm), and Jazz alternatives 6-9pm).

Believe me, there is no other station is like WKCR.

All the DJs play very different stuff so make sure you hear a full weeks programming. I'm sure you will hear what you've been missing.

Do you think having "Black History Month" helps or hinders race relations in America?

Do you think having "Black History Month" helps or hinders race relations in America?

There are MANY commemorative months celebrated by this nation and/or used to raise awareness. I wonder why republicans take issue with ONLY this particular celebration.


National Stalking Awareness Month


United States Navy sailors and Marines watching a dance performance in celebration of Black History Month

Black History Month (USA)

Career and Technical Education Month[1]


Irish-American Heritage Month

National Nutrition Month[2]

Women's History Month

National Middle Level Education Month

National Brain Injury Awareness Month[3]

National Essential Tremor Awareness Month[4]


Jazz Appreciation Month

National Poetry Month

Mathematics Awareness Month[5]

Sexual Assault Awareness Month[6]

Parkinson Awareness Month[7]

Autism Awareness Month

Asperger's Syndrome Awareness Month


Jewish American Heritage month

ALS Awareness Month (United States)

National Bike Month

South Asian Heritage Month

Haitian Heritage Month

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Asthma Awareness Month[9]

National Pet Month

Celiac Awareness Month

National Guide Dog Month

Jewish American Heritage Month

National Foster Care Month


ALS Awareness Month (Canada)

Caribbean American Heritage Month

LGBT Pride Month (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender)


Dance Appreciation Month

National Hotdog Month


National Immunization Awareness Month (USA)


United States Navy personnel celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Guide Dog Month (2010 to present)

National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15)

National Honey Month

National Yoga Month

National Chiari Malformation Awareness Month

National Preparedness Month

National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

National Pomegranate Tootsie Roll Pop Awareness Month


Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Black History Month (UK)

National Book Month

National Work and Family Month

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

National CyberSecurity Awareness Month

National Brain Tumour Awareness Month (CAD)

Filipino American History Month

LGBT History Month

National Bullying Prevention Month

National Spina Bifida Awareness Month -



National American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage Month

COPD Awareness Month

National Stomach Cancer Awareness Month

Why is that people complain about Black History Month but dont complain about the other months?

Why is that people complain about Black History Month but dont complain about the other months?

I think it is retarded to have a black history month. Most of those other things you listed are to raise awareness for things like disorders and illnesses.

The jews were treated worse then the blacks more recently and they don't have a holocaust month. Atheists and every religion other than catholics were tortured in the Spanish Inquisition. Do they have a month? White people get the most disadvantages nowadays and we don't have a month.

If you don't believe me go look at the requirements for standardized testing, if you are white you have to score higher on your exam in order to pass. High schools are allowed to have a Minority Student Union, Ebony Club, Black Honor Society. White clubs are not allowed due to racism. White people have a harder time getting on government assistance. I have tourettes and Autism and I am unable to get on government assistance. My disability lawyer even said (in joking) "too bad you are not black, then it would be easier to get you ssi". There is a channel called BET and a magizine called Ebony. Do you see a white magazine or a white only tv channel? They even have their own award shows that only give awards to black actors, singers, etc. They are allowed to call themselves the "N" word without getting in trouble.

Now I expect to get thumbs down. But just ponder this. If my yahoo avater was black would you have thumbed me down for saying these things? probably not.

Also on this date Monday, April 1, 2024...
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