Adopt-A-Cat Month on June, 2024: A-Cat Month - Adopting a cat tomorrow for the first time please help?

June, 2024 is Adopt-A-Cat Month 2024.

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Adopting a cat tomorrow for the first time please help?

Your father can only adopt a cat that will live at HIS house - he can NOT adopt a cat for someone else. If your grandmother wants a cat SHE has to go there and adopt it. And since your grandmother will "soon be going to a nursing home" if she doesn't seem capable of caring for a cat they will deny her adoption.

Don't think that your father can lie and say the cat will be staying at your house. Shelters are allowed to make surprise checks on the homes of adopted animals and when they show up and the cat isn't there your father will have to tell them where the cat is. The cat will then be siezed and you - and your grandmother - will be put on a "Do Not Adopt" list with this shelter that they will share with every other shelter in your area.

And if YOU are going to take this cat then don't get it tomorrow - get it after you've learned about them. Very odd that you're asking the DAY BEFORE how to care for a cat. Go buy a book.

edit: WOW lots of BAD advice - especially from "Nina":

"Give her anything from ur daily meal : a bread with the taste of ur daily meal so the day u have no special food she can eat any food u give her."

Cats are CARNIVORES and have no use for bread. They need to be fed a meat based food with little or NO grain. There's also lots of human foods that are TOXIC to cats so please don't follow this person's clueless, dangerous advice.

"wash her with cat shampoo once in a week"

Unless this cat is being shown there's no reason to bathe it - ever. Cats clean themselves. And once a week would terribly dry out a cat's skin.

"bring a powder for flea and bugs (once a week) for herself and her bed"

Flea powders are not just useless they're made with harsh pesticides that can KILL a cat. Use Advantage, Frontline or Revolution.

"put her a collar anti - bugs and flea ( it stays 4 5-months)"

Same goes with flea collars. And you should NEVER double does flea treatments.

And others:

"Usually want any animal young so it can grow the way you want it to and not get any "bad" habits in your veiw."

"Probably pick a kitten. That way, you can train it yourself and it can get to know you better. With an older cat, it already is used to someone else and a different place."

Have you guys ever adopted an adult cat? I'm sure you haven't. Well I have - three of them - and they're the sweetest, most loveable, most playful cats I've ever known. The only cat in my house I've ever had issues with? The one I've had since she was a kitten!

Also - Iams, Purina, Whiskas - these foods are crap

ALL cats require grooming. Shorthaired cats should be brushed at least once a week. Longhaired cats should NEVER be brushed. Brushes pull out and break top coat hairs and do little to remove the loose undercoat hairs. If the cat has a thick undercoat like that of a Persian or Maine Coon then it needs to be fully combed at least every other day all year long. Lighter, cottony coats like that of the Ragamuffin or Ragdoll only need to be combed about once a week.

Adopting a cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Adopting a cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Cats tend to be very clean animals. There are always exceptions to this rule, but no they are not dirty, nor do they pee and foul all over the house.

An unneutered male will mark his territory (code word for peeing on everything) hence the reason you always get them fixed.

A couple of rules to make a happy home for both of you:

Get him a good scratching post. Rub it down with cat nip occasionally and he'll avoid sharpening his claws on your furniture. You'll be able to train him to use the post.

Brush him regularly. He'll love you for it, and it helps keep the fur balls down

Get a good furball paste and read the instructions. Nothing more disgusting than having cat hock up a furball in bed. Furball paste will help keep them down so you don't have a problem plus keep your cat happy.

Set regular meal times and always make sure there is plenty of fresh water available

Find an old blanket/towel and line a basket for him. He'll love it!

Keep their litter box clean and they will always use it. Cats hate a dirty litter box and will look elsewhere to go if you lazy about it. Purchase a good clumping kitty litter that allows you to scoop the box daily. It's very easy and takes just seconds to do. Whatever you do don't flush it the scooped stuff down the toilet or you will have one nasty backed up bathroom.

Remember to completely change the litter (if you have the clumping stuff) on a regular basis. I'm not a believer in the "just top it up, you never have to change the clumping litter" club. Litterboxes will smell funky after awhile and if it smells funky to us, imagine how powerful the smell is to the poor cat. Replace the litterbox itself occasionally as well. We replace the litterbox pan every 6 months for hygienic reasons.

Find a good cat food - avoid a diet of the soft food. A regular diet of soft food is not good for cats or their teeth. They need a good hard cat food. It's okay to have both, if you can aford it.

Don't switch brands a lot - its very hard on their system. Choose a brand and stick with it. You don't need to use an expensive "sold at vet's only" brand either. Look at the ingredients, and indeed where the stuff is made and you'll discover there is no difference. Check the label, remember your cat is a carnivore and needs a very specific diet. Quality cat foods will fill the requirements. Whatever you choose, make sure it's not a lot of wheat filler. This is very bad for cats.

Keep up their vaccinnations.

Cats do well as strictly indoor pets. All my cats have been indoor only animals and they have thrived and lived long healthy lives. Outdoor cats can be a nuisance to your neigbours, esp if they opt to use their lovely rose garden as a litter box.

Cats are clean, fun and comforting. You will love your new companion, especially when you come home after a hard day and there is your handsome fellow waiting for you. I've had cats my entire life and loved every minute of owning one.

Should I adopt a cat?

Should I adopt a cat?

Hi there sindy i can ease your worries i have kept cats for twenty years now, and what you do is every six months you give the cat worming pills [i crush them and put them in her meat] and every four-six months depending she is treated for fleas this comes in a liquid form in a sachet that you apply between shoulder blades [so easy] cats do not pass any fungal disease to humans at all so don't believe anybody who says they do, i have a turkish van at the moment [they are known as the swimming cat in turkey where they originate from they are a wonderful cat when i first got her aged six weeks old, i was taking a shower and turned to get the soap and she was playing with the water splashing off me it was funny to see her do this now she always in the shower when i have one and swims in the pond too. i hope you do give a home to a cat there are so many that need loving homes and if you just stick to the routine will have no prob's with worms or fleas, best wishes .

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