National Fruit and Veggies Month on June, 2023: is this healthy?

June, 2023 is National Fruit and Veggies Month 2023. June is NATIONAL FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MONTH! « The Irvin ... Almost every fruit or

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is this healthy?

It's not horrible but it's not exactly very healthy. It definitely is not healthy if you plan to eat that every single day. For one day, it is an acceptably healthy day, but you really need more nutrients than that. It depends on your goal. Are you trying to lose weight or are you trying to maintain weight?

It is definitely not as complicated as the long answer a couple of people above me says. That type of diet is definitely healthy but it is not for everyone, takes a good amount of discipline, and can be difficult for some people to maintain. For many people, it is probably unrealistic that they would follow that type of diet for a lifetime of healthy eating habits. For example, sugars from fruit are not horrible. There are certain nutrients that you need from fruit. It is often recommended to cut out fruits at the beginning of a diet and then gradually bring some back in, but it is not a requirement for being healthy. However, this does not include canned fruit loaded with syrup. THAT is bad for you. It does more harm than good. Fresh fruit is best (some are better than others), but canned fruit is fine too as long as you pay close attention to the labels (get the ones that say "light" and not "in heavy syrup"). Another example: cheese is really not horrible. You probably shouldn't eat it every day and it does depend on what kind you are eating, but you do not necessarily have to omit it completely. Mozarella cheese is made with skim milk (it should say that on the package) and is naturally less fattening than most other cheeses. You need dairy products or some soy product that gives you those nutrients! Mostly because of calcium, which is (of course) very important! That person is right, however, about junk food and fried foods...stay away from those!

The bottom line is that healthy eating is composed of eating a balanced and varied diet that coincides with the national recommendations. It's also about portion control and moderation.

Per day you should have in your diet:

Grains: at least 3 cups, at least one half (meaning 1 1/2 cups) of those should be whole grains

Veggies: 2-3 cups

Fruits: 1 1/2 to 2 cups

Meat and Beans (lean is best!): 5-6 ounce equivalents

Milk/Dairy (from low fat sources): 3 cups

**Check out the resource for specific information and tips, what constitutes a portion size, etc. All of these values could be slightly different depending on your age, gender, physical activity, and other variables

The most healthy diet for you depends on your health goals, age, gender, etc. It also depends on finding what works for you and what you think will lead to a lifetime of healthy eating.

Finally, my personal belief is that you should treat yourself occasionally! The key is not to overdo it. You have to keep portion control in mind and not "cheat" too often. Choose one day a week, every two weeks, or a month or something and that will be the day that you allow yourself to be treated. Have one portion of a food that you really like on those days. I believe that doing this is very important for maintaining a healthy diet, as long as you keep it under control and do not overindulge. Hope I could be of some help! I have lots of little tips that can help with healthy diets. Let me know if you would like some more!

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