Sports America Kids Month on June, 2024: lonely new kid fomr a different country?

June, 2024 is Sports America Kids Month 2024. Fit Kids‎ Join us for sports fun afterschool Keep your kids healthy and fit!

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lonely new kid fomr a different country?

Welcome to America! I hope you have a nicer time here in the next few months. :)

One suggestion would be to try to find someone who YOU can be a friend to. Look for someone who seems lonelier than you. You know how it feels to be lonely, so maybe you can try to reach out and be a great friend.

Smile a lot. Everyone likes to hang out with someone who is cheery and happy.

Try to find a church that has a lot of great youth activities in your area. There are some churches that would be weird to attend but there are a lot of places that really focus on being upbeat and really involve the kids a lot in cool activities.

Volunteering somewhere that you really like...maybe you're a sports nut--volunteer with a Little League or something. You will be a totally cool person to the Little Leaguers because they will look up to you just cause you're older than them.

Joining clubs is always good too.

Keep in mind that just the fact that you're from Europe is cool. You probably have a neat accent, too. So, you're cool automatically. And hey, let loose! Be real. That may attract the kind of people who would be a blast for you to hang out with anyway.

Do you think Baseball is still Americas favorite pastime?

Do you think Baseball is still Americas favorite pastime?

Yes! Baseball is a time when the country finally climbs out of the cold winter months and new life begins. Baseball is a sport where even the little guy can succeed if he's got the talent. Baseball has a history second to none and it's records are more revered than any other sport. It's numbers are known by just about every kid in America. Ask any baseball fan what .406 or 56 or 2632 or 755 represent and they will tell you the story of each one.

Baseball is the only sport where a time clock does not apply. It's the only sport where the defense controls the ball. It's the only sport where an athlete can fail 70% of the time and still be good enough to be elected into it's hall of fame. It is the most humbling of all sports.

Baseball is so perfect a game that not even the incompetance that controls it or the cheaters that play it can take aways from it's perfection.

Where has America gone?

Where has America gone?

Can we get to the point where winning and losing is not the method by which we judge our success .Seems Bush does not want to back-down from this war because he might feel like a failure .In America we all know what a loser is .Second palace is the first loser as many people now say .Competition was suppose to bring out the best in people not the worst .The idea to get out and do the best you could was enough for years .Now people are afraid to do anything they are not already good at for fear of failing .We have become a nation of specialists divided along religious lines political lines and monetary lines that we no longer cross .There is no effort made to understand the views of the opposition .You are with me or against me is just how far things have gotten out of hand .WE create hero's yes but at the same time we destroy and villainies the competition .WATCH today's pep rallies and you will see all the rage and anger that is whipped up against a Friday night football game . It is no longer about the competition it is only about defeating your opponent and celebrating victory .

SO what has happened to America is how we went from competing together for the sport and enjoyment of it to capitalism becoming involved and making it into a hole new game with million dollar contracts at stake , High school coaches that want to ride on the coattails of a star athlete, and profit .

Like they say it is all about the Benjamin's these days and show me the money .YOU have not been a success unless you live in the right part of town drive the right car and your kids must go to the right school in order to fit in .

This is what America has become and until we look back over our shoulder and see what the wake is doing to those behind us we will continue down the path that leads to distruction .

Bush has been raised a winner and his plan will work if you ask him .{Clinton and the other leaders are guilty of this too.}

It has to because anything else is a defeat a loss and he becomes the laughing stock of the world leaders community .

SO he can not back down and he will stay the course no matter how many lives it costs because in his mind defeat is unacceptable and to admit he was headed in the wrong direction and must turn back is not going to happen .

This is what is wrong with and what has happened to america .

SO where has America gone ? Well it is right here right now holding on for dear life trying to keep its head above the turbulant waters stirred up by people who are consumed with winning and making all the money they can at the expense of anyone icluding the family they abandon and ignor except for a couple of hours a month .Here is a new car a new Ipod A new surf Board A new playstation a hundred bucks a credit card a ticket to Aruba for spring break AND then they wonder why the kids are out in bars drinking all night and disappering .Thats because no one cares about them or will listen to what they realy want .Some time to just let you know that as hard as they tried they did not make the team or they just do not get algebra or they do not have the alist kids as friends and feel they are a complete failure and are better off dead .Mom and dad are so busy winning and spreading the values that only winners count that they have forgotten that winning is not important but making the effort is .The kids pay the community pays and most of all when they wake up from the game they have played they pay .NO one is harder on you then you if you have a conscience.

Well i have babbled on long enough with whats wrong and i want to end with whats right .

WE have the ability to raise the brightest kids in america to be the leaders for change in america and the world .We have the best schools in the world air conditioned huge caffiterias indoor pools and basketball courts tennis courts football and baseball fiields And a lot off our kids drive to school and have part time jobs to pay the insurance and gas .We can be the hardest working people on earth and we do have advantages others do not in this world .SO lets agree we can and do have the responcibility to help as many people as we can and not just to become multi millionaires at the expense of others .Winning is great but it is only possible as long as we can all compete and come away feeling better for having tried .

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