Great Outdoors Month on June, 2024: Does anyone else have a puppy right now under 4 months?

June, 2024 is Great Outdoors Month 2024. How Our Friends Are Celebrating Great Outdoors Month • Yukon ... great outdoors month 2011

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Great Outdoors Month

If you value getting on an outing and taking pleasure in yourself, Great Outdoors Month is the best month for you personally! It’s an excellent chance to inspire children in the significance of outdoors play and just how getting on an outing can participate the kitchen connoisseur. Getting on an outing is frequently a totally free or cheap day trip for families, and could be an enjoyable experience. It’s a terrific way to find out about character and also the atmosphere and may make up the foundation of school projects.Outdoors Week began in 1998 and broadened to Great Outdoors Month in 2004. It aims to inspire more and more people to leave and relish the world around them, whether that be by simply working out or getting involved in volunteer programmes. There's a lot the truly amazing outdoors needs to offer so, this Great Outdoors Month, why don't you get available and revel in it!

Does anyone else have a puppy right now under 4 months?

I have a 8 week old APBT/Lab cross who's learning a lot about life in these first few months.

Every morning when we wake up at 8 or so, Bailey and I do our stretches together. Then we head for the great outdoors where she does her business and plays a little. When we come back in, Bailey and I eat breakfast. I always fix our food at the same time, and eat mine first. Then, when I'm done, I give Bailey hers.

In dog packs, the "alpha" eats before the rest of the pack. Bailey doesn't mind waiting because this is normal pack behavior to her.

Then we play some ball, kill 15 or 20 minutes, and head outside again so she can potty. When we come back in, she goes in her crate and I take a shower. She pouts some at first, but it's important that I don't let her out because of her whining. If I let Bailey out on "her" time, I'm teaching her that barking and crying is an effective way to get her way. After I get out of the shower, I take Bailey to my room where she waits patiently in the corner playing with her toys as I dress and dry my hair. Then we both brush our teeth and comb our hair.

We go outside and Bailey potties and we play until she tires out. Then, after she gets wore out, she goes back in her kennel and I work on school.

It helps that she's tired and wore out before I put her in her kennel, because it makes it easier on both of us.

After school, it's time for another potty break and to work on some training. So Bailey and I make our way to the backyard where we work on her tricks. Right now she knows "sit", and I'm working on teaching her "come" and "lay down". It's just as important to review previous tricks as it is to teach new ones!

After we do that for awhile, we come in and eat lunch. Again--I eat first, just like in a dog pack.

After we eat we lay down and watch a sitcom. I lay on the couch and Bailey lays on her bed on the floor. I could let her lie with me on the couch, but in a dog pack the most comfortable seating is reserved for the highest ranks. Bailey doesn't mind lying on the floor, and she knows she's not the boss.

We usually fall asleep, and sleep for 20 or 30 minutes.

When we wake up, Bailey relieves herself again.

At this time Bailey's rested and ready to do something. So I take her outside again and play a couple games of fetch, then we work on her leash walking. Just a couple of times around the yard, getting her used to her lead. It's not important that she does everything perfect, but it is important that I reward her when she does do something right.

After that, we head over to Grandma's house or the Park, and she gets to interact with people, which she loves.

Usually we have our last meal at 7:30 or so, do our stretching at 8:30, potty around 9:15, and head to bed around 9:30.

This is Bailey:

She's a typical 8 week old puppy in most ways. She's curious, and gets into everything from garbage bags to the cat litter. She's mouthy, and will chew on anything she can get her surprisingly strong jaw around. She loves to run and play, but can only tolerate 10-15 minutes of hardy exercise before she needs a break. She whines when she's in her kennel. She doesn't like her leash. She'd rather eat cat food than her dog food, and she'd eat all day if I let her..

Here's one of the most important tips I think I'll ever hear concerning puppy training.....

if she's yipping, absent minded, isn't listening, distracted, and unfocused it can be very stressful. The good thing is, it doesn't take a whole lot of work to wear a puppy out.

I find that when Bailey's displaying the behaviors above, if I take her outside and play a couple of games with her for 15 minutes, it'll wear her out so when she comes back inside i can put her in her crate or just on her bed, and she'll take a nice nap while I get things together and relax :)

"A tired dog is a well behaved dog"

What are some great places for a month’s holiday to expand one’s inspiration besides great food?

What are some great places for a month's holiday to expand one's inspiration besides great food?

Mike's answer was really great,

but if you wanted to keep things in North America, nothing beats the great outdoors. Camping, hiking, and fishing trips are all great ways to reconnect with nature and yourself, especially when you leave the techno gadgets at home. I always find nature inspiring.

If roughing it doesn't appeal to you, renting a cabin or cottage in the woods, or near the sea are also great ways to slow down your life, relax, and let beauty come to you.

Have you ever planned three months for what to wear to a wedding?

Have you ever planned three months for what to wear to a wedding?

I planned ahead about 3 months, but it didn't take me 3 months of planning.

I am often nervous with my in-laws and want to make sure I'm always dressed appropriately and when my SIL announced a new years eve wedding I did reach out to her and ask how formal it was going to be so I could dress appropriately. Unfortunately she said "formal", I looked it up online and found that cocktail dresses are perfectly fine formal attire for ladies so I bought a great cocktail length dress while I was on my honeymoon (hubby even helped pick it) ... then a month later she asks if I bought a dress and informs me that all the ladies will be in gowns!

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