Corn and Cucumber Month on June, 2024: my 16 month old wont eat?

June, 2024 is Corn and Cucumber Month 2024. Grilled Corn & Mango salad in Cucumber Boats/Cups : Oh Taste n See ... and the cucumber boat made

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my 16 month old wont eat?

This is the hard part and I'm going through just about the same thing with my 16 month old. It's a pain, but we just have to keep trying what we're doing. We can't let our kids starve, so sometimes with my daughter I give her our dinner. If she tosses it or doesn't eat any of it, I put her down and let her play for a little bit, because I just need to breathe, then I sit on the couch with something that I'm eating and share it with her. She's not using a fork or spoon yet either, so are you letting him pick at his own food and use his hands? I know a lot of fruit can hurt the tummy, but it sounds like you're giving him the nutrition that he needs. I just keep telling myself that my daughter will grow out of it and I'm sure he will too. Just keep doing what you're doing. We mothers just have to stay positive for a little rugrats. Good luck!

my one month old?

my one month old?

Nursing: Your baby may show sensitivity to include eggs, peanuts and other nuts, wheat, soy, corn, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, berries, nuts, spices, pork, seafood, citrus fruits and juice and chocolate.

Be sure to include at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Try to go light on processed foods.

Mothers report that babies most often object to: chocolate; spices (cinnamon, garlic, curry, chili pepper); citrus fruits and their juices, like oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit; strawberries; kiwifruit; pineapple; the gassy veggies (onion, cabbage, garlic, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumbers, and peppers); and fruits with a laxative effect, such as cherries and prunes.

A daily cup or two of coffee is fine, but too much caffeine can interfere with your baby's sleep or make him fussy. Remember that caffeine is also found in some sodas, teas.

If your baby has allergy symptoms (such as eczema, fussiness, congestion, or diarrhea), they may be caused by something he's in regular contact with, such as soap, mildew, or foods.

What vegetables can I plant during these summer months here in So.Cal.?

What vegetables can I plant during these summer months here in So.Cal.?

Corn, beans, cucumber, squash, melons, strawberries....those are what I grew in my summer garden (I am in S CA also).

You can also plant a winter garden with lettuce, cabbage, peas, potatoes.....

Also on this date Saturday, June 1, 2024...