Candy Month on June, 2023: Can I live off of twix candy bars for 6 months?

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Candy Month

While we might celebrate sweet all year long, June has the benefit of being the official Candy Month. Nobody appears completely sure why or just how June became Candy Month yet, when the title offers you licence to appreciate as much guilt-free candy as you like \*, which cares ?! That's not to say June lacks relevant record: it was in June 1963 that US confectioner Hershey's obtained Harry Burnett Reese's business (yes, the initial Reese of Peanut Butter Cup popularity) and it was in June 1904 that George Cadbury and his staff invented Dairy products Milk.

Some societies consider delicious chocolate to be a type of candy while others consider sweet an unique name for hard-boiled desserts. Nevertheless, it's quite a common term and can be used to describe toffees, marshmallows, licorice, jelly sugary foods, British stone and even more. Yum!

\* Please take pleasure in properly. Your dental professional appreciates your teeth therefore do we.

Can I live off of twix candy bars for 6 months?

Any known problems?! Like death or permanent damage to your body organs, for instance? Sorry, but that is a really, really stupid idea. Firstly, you would not be eating any food for six months - candy bars and multi-vitamins are not food. Where would you get your protein, energy (calories) and minerals from?? Secondly, candy bars are unhealthy if you eat a lot of them.

For example, magnesium and potassium are two really important minerals that you neeed to eat EVERY day to stay healthy. Magnesium acts in over 300 chemical reactions in your body, to keep you healthy, such as muscle function, to prevent development of arthritis etc. You need around 400mg every day. Vitamin pills don't include much or any magnesium, so where are you going to get your magnesium?

Then what about your potassium. Another really important nutrient. You need about 4 grams EVERY day to regulate your blood pressure and for your body/cells to do all the many important things they need to do the whole time to keep you alive. Again your vitamin pills won't have any. So where are you going to get your potassium from?

Honestly, if you try to do this and even if you survive, it will probably take years off your life just trying and maybe permanently damage your health. Do you understand?! It is not something you should even be considering. Please understand that food - and the quality of what you eat - is very important.

Help: How much money does a person spend on candy per month?

Help: How much money does a person spend on candy per month?

Hmm good question,I'm a vegetarian wanting to be a vegan. My quilty pleasure is sweets lol um if I had to gues maybe 20 to 30 a month on junk food I don't just buy candy its sad yes bt the truth. Hope I could help good luck

Part 2 of Three month old eating candy?

Part 2 of Three month old eating candy?

Who gives a shit if she gets pissed? You are concerned about her child's well being and you are entitled to your opinion.If three month olds aren't even suppose to have baby food, why would this dingbat think she can feed her kid candy? She is digging an early grave for this poor kid and is risking juvenile diabetes and obesity.

And if she gets angry, who cares.She's a moron anyways and i'm sure you can find more intellignt friends that aren't poisoning their kids.

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