Black Music Month on June, 2024: June is Black Music Month but the detractors have been curiously quiet.any thoughts?

June, 2024 is Black Music Month 2024.

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June is Black Music Month but the detractors have been curiously quiet...any thoughts?

You said it before I did. Yes:

1) They wear themselves out (even vitriolic people can get tired) makig a big kerfuffle about Black History month and thumbing down the people who have the gall to tell them the truth (that EVERY month has some kind of theme - and they REALLY don't like the fact that March is "Women's Month")

2) They don't know such a thing exists, and if you mention the term "Juneteenth" to them they'll look sort of blankly at you.

Oddly enough, my fave group of all time is black and was popular literally around the world - the Supremes.

Black history month?

Black history month?

I think more than just a certain person, for me it's a time to honor all the blacks before me who died fighting for freedom. AND ALSO THE SLAVES who worked and were basically tortured for nothing. I think they have done the most for society because a lot of the industry's now are riding off their backs(cotton and tobacco). They helped create gospel music and spirituals which helped inspire all sorts of music. And their pain inspired all the future blacks to come.

Black History Month??

Black History Month??

It doesn't celebrate a specific event that happened in February. "Black History Month" was started as a time to celebrate and focus on the accomplishments of key African American people in US history. There are many non-Black people today who would like to see the celebration done away with because they don't think it is necessary (just read some of the questions on this site). But, I believe that is because they don't realize just how many advances in medicine, political science, aviation, education, music, and more they enjoy today that are a direct result of the tenacity and intelligence of an African American.

Also on this date Saturday, June 1, 2024...