Rebuild Your Life Month on June, 2024: 18 month, clean & sober construction couple, in process of rebuilding life

June, 2024 is Rebuild Your Life Month 2024. June June is REBUILD YOUR LIFE

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18 month, clean & sober construction couple, in process of rebuilding life

Well, as you didn't mention where you live, I'm assuming ANY place is open for you!!???? There is a great 4 bedroom house just behind the one I rented in China, here. It's wonderful - 70 years old, a fireplace, huge patio area, etc. The rent is about 600 USD per month...if you can come to Asia, you're all set. :)

How do I rebuild my life?

How do I rebuild my life?

Psychology says a man or a woman has to worry and satify their basic need for suvival before anything else can be attained such a happiness, self actualization etc. Try as best as you can to aquire a job, make sure you strive for something with stability. Because subconcously you are not going to feel safe enough to get what you want down the road. Keep yourself occupied on your down time between your search with things you enjoy like reading, going to the park even hanging out at a local bar. Try not to drink to much after all it's a depressant and that's just going to bring you down which is something you need to stay away from right now. The point is geting out of the house and doing things that keep you occupied like take up running go to the gym if yo can afford it. Go somewhere where you can take up a hobbie. Volunteer with anything. After you get the job settled, then you can start building everything else. The point is you have already become happy with what you are and what you are doing like hobbies and becoming active. That way you're not leaning on your friends to becoming emotionally needy. When you do go out and fix your social life you might even bring some important things to the table of what you've learned along the way. When you have a group of friends then you can start looking for a relationship. By then you should have overcome your ex. A good rule of thumb is for every month you where with her give yourself about a week. Nothing is more a turn off for woman and makes her wonder than a man that is hung up on his Ex, his life is a mess and he has no friends. Hope things work out things get better everyday.Good luck.

How do I rebuild my life?

How do I rebuild my life?

i can't imagine how down you must feel right now but the only possible way i can think of for you to do is to just forget her and move on with your life. i know its a very difficult thing to do but you have to, you have no other choice but to do it, for the sake of your son. go on, have a life of your own. there are a lot of things for you to do just to occupy your time rather than waste your time thinking of her. i can feel that your a good man, and she doesn't deserve you, you deserve someone more loving and romantic. there are a lot of activities for you to do, you can go to the gym everyday, engage in sports, do some social activities, volunteer for a community work, volunteer for your church, any activities that would let you mingle with many different people. in times when your all alone, set in fornt of your t.v watch some good movies, action, comedy, sci-fi, adventure, horror or you could learn to play games in your computer there are a lot of good on-line games this days. play computer games or watch dvd tell your eye drops on your lap or you could keep busy with Yahoo Answer you there a lot of crazy and funny stories here, you can open up everything to anyone regardless of their age, mentality, gender, or nationality. keep yourself busy and fruitful instead of just wasting your life away thinking of her. you have a lot of options besides feeling lonely and self pity.

you might also need to talk to a professional to help you ease the hurt your feeling right now. it doesn't need to be a psychologist, it could be a priest, a reverend, a pastor, a community leader someone you trust. you could also try taking a vacation, any place that can make you forget her even for just a brief moment, but keep away from places that would remind you of her.

just don't waste your life away, there's a greater and much more happier life waiting ahead of you don't loose hope, you still have your son. you could use this opportunity to spend some quality time with him, don;t you think? you see? there are a lot of options for you. and it wouldn't hurt for you to pray, always and everyday, ask for His guidance and counsel, He will listen you to your every word.

good luck to you my friend and may the good Lord Bless You.

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