National Camping Month on June, 2024: Air National Guard what is it?

June, 2024 is National Camping Month 2024. Get Outdoors, It's National Camping Month. Says The North Face ... National Camping Month.

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Air National Guard what is it?

The Air national Guard (along with the Army National Guard and the Reserves in any branch) is a PART TIME job. You will complete basic training and job training for your branch then you are back at home to conduct training (typically) one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer. Your pay is based on your rank and years of service. Most new people start out at the rank of E-1. As an E-1 you will typically make $188.00 for a Sat/Sun training period...not $800.

the Guard is the strategic reserve for the Air Force and Army and as such you can and will be deployed throughout the world. the Air Guard typically only deploys for 90-180 days at a time as compared to 12-15 months for the Army and Army Guard.

There is a reason you get all of those great benefits. The military is not a welfare, social works, jobs training program.

What is the best place to camp in Adirondacks NY?

What is the best place to camp in Adirondacks NY?

Do you know that the Adirondacks is the largest National Park in the US, bigger than Yellowstone and Yosemite combined? There are hundreds of camping areas, dozens of lakes and waterways and thousands of miles of trails. There is no "best" place to camp, almost every area is great in some way. If you want to be as close to New York City as possible, and it sounds like you want outfitter provided experiences like rafting and car-camping tent sites, I suggest you look on line at commercial campgrounds around the Lake George and Glens Falls areas, less than an hour north of Albany. These sites will have photos and descriptions of the resources and scenery in those areas.

Because August is a peak month for camping in the 'Dacks, it would be best if you made sure you had a reservation at any campsite before heading up there -- don't count on being able to just drop in wherever you want this time of year.

Camping near Durango, Colorado?

Camping near Durango, Colorado?

Contact the San Juan National Forest directly for information on dispersed camping rules and regulations.



110 West 11th St.

Durango, Colorado 81301


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